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From Panis to Modern Koch-Rajbanshies

Updated on December 1, 2012

Here an attempt has been made to throw a flash of light on the checkered history of the Koches since pre-vedic days, who traversed the boisterous waves of time, under various names : such as Asuras, Demons, Mlechachas, Kiratas, Kuvacha, Pani-Koches, Meches, Kombozees, Koches, Bratya Kshatriyas, Bhanga-Kshatriyas, Kshatriyas and lastly as Rajbanshi alias Koch-Rajbanshies as are evident from the written records of ancient scriptures, Vedas, Purans, Tantras, mythological stories, Greek writings and also in various ancient and modern histories of native and foreign scholars. These ancientmost peoples originally twined in matriarchial society, as were common in many other tribes of Lord Siva and his consort Sakti (Siva-Sakti).
The ancient Koches might have accepted Asura and Mleccha cult but as time gone by gradually the Koches of lower Himalayan terrain and Bhutan Doowers area supported Jainism and Budhism as Mohabir Jain and Gautom Budha belonged to the above area as their birth places surrounded by the ancient Koches at that period. Many stone statues of Mohabir Jain (the last Tirthanker) and ‘Stups’ including statues of Gautom Budha have been discovered in the mainland of Pani-Koches areas like Sri Suryya Hills, Jogighopa etc. areas of earstwhile Goalpara district. The story of Moinamoti and Gopichand and connected songs amply demonstrate the influence of Budhism and Jainism amongst the indigenons peoples of north east India. Thereafter the ancient Koches come under the strong hold of Hinduised Aryan priests when Budhism, with its perverted practices, was withering away from Indian soil due to strong suppressions on Budhists by privileged priest class under the covering name of Brahmins- the custodians of Hinduism. The fall of Budhism and rise of Hinduism gave birth to many caste and sub-castes amongst Hindus.
The eulogy of castes especially upper castes, eulogized the priests class as Brahmins who were supposed to be first Childs of God – the almighty. Such caste eulogy in Hinduised India started playing havoc in Indian society; which caused vivisections and badly weakended the strong hold of the solidarity of Indian society – i.e. the pride of feeling or being Indian. Thus the protagonists of Islamism got widely spread red carpets for entering Indian field from Arab world in every nook and corners of house divided India. Ultimately the Mughal emperors who were also followers of Islamism occupied Delhi – the one time political and royal centre of Hindu powers. But due to fanatically orthodox some leaders of Islamism whose hearts were in Macca & Madina and bodies in Indin in the name of religion, have played the same pranicious role in Mughal India and Christianism started entering deep amongst the so called untouchables and low castes of Hindus, who were hitherto kept backward and deprived from acquiring scientific knowledge. Of course Indian Govt. after independence has realized that cause of such mental backwardness of the commoners; but the steps to remove backwardness failed to make any headway due to corrupted mentality of most of the bureaucrates who mostly hail from upper castes. The faulty system of education adopted by Govt. of India, taught, the Degree holder elites, one most harmful philosophy of life. These elites imbibed the ideal that “Money is dearer than man; catch money as many as you can”. So most of the bureaucrates who generally hail from so-called upper castes of Indian society have become servants of money. So castism must be removed with strong hand from Hindus of India. By mere oral slogans caste will never be eradicated unless an alternative to caste system is provided. In place of caste, the inherited peculiarities and particularities of ethnic group or sub-group of peoples of India and world should be protected and enriched. Each region should be made responsible for the welbeing of the next neighbouring region. Each bridegroom should marry a bride of any ism or ethnic group, who is a little bit less or inferior in every respects including culture, for better progeny. The question of caste system and ism distinctions should in no way be considered in such compatibe marriage or union. This is based on divine and universal law which is also scientific. Observance of caste system and ism distinction are totally unscientific and harbinger of ignorance. Beware of those men whose God or gods are in the sky. Beware of those religious leaders who hold the view that isms are ‘Dharma’ or religion. Because if isms are held as Dharma, then terrorism, seperatism, plunderism, chauvinism, communism, capitalism, Hedonism, Racialism, Marxism, Ghandhism, Escapism, Individualism etc. should also be treated as Dharma. If the above isms are not accepted as Dharma; then Hinduism, Budhism, Jainism, Christianism, Islamism etc. are also not Dharma. The word ‘Dharma’ implies oneness and singular. It is a Sanskrit word. The idea, ideal, action which uphold the being and becoming and becoming of an individual with his environment is called Dharma. That which uphold the being and becoming is called Dharma. “What makes anything stand on with life and growth is Dharma. Upholding urge of our existence is Dharma”- said Sree Sree Thakur. So Dharma through out the world is one; because three is not a single living being or man who does not desire to live and that too in a better way. As nobody wants to die, so Dharma is also one for all. It is, on this practical and present background especially of north-east India, where Koches are predominately larger in population as an ethnic group and who are now most backward Hindus, Caste system in India is one of the main factor of injustice, exploitation and backwardness. Hence independent India even after sixty years is a backward country and is treated as one of the corrupted country in the world as are reported in Newspapers; vide Daily Newspaper “Asomiya Khobor” at page 4, dated 12th June/2003 in the article written by Lakhinandan Bora, Ex-President, Assam Sahitya Sabha & Assam Tribune dated 13the June/2003 reported by S.J. Sorabji Atorny Genl. The fathomless plight of the Koches alias Koch Rajbanshies of north-east India created deliberately by some shrewd politicians in collusion with some corrupt bureaucrats, is a glaring case-history for carring out research works by sociologists and scholars alike. The detailed and gradual conversion from pani-Koches to modern Koch-Rajbanshies have been discussed in subsequent chapters of this Bloge – “The Koches Around The World.”


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