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Frosty the Snowman is Anti-Islamic

Updated on January 13, 2015

Frosty did indeed visit the northern sections of Saudi Arabia near Tabuk close to the Jordan border. That, in itself, is news. Snow in Saudi Arabia. That is another indication of climate change. However, in this section of SA, many Saudi children were playing in this "white miracle" and of course, building a snow man. Frosty needs company on winter days.

So, God forbid (which certainly cannot be the case), a Saudi Sheikh ruled that it was not permitted to make a snowman even out of fun and play because Muslim scholars seem to think a snowman is an image of a human being and is sinful under Saudi Arabian strict Sunni law. I guess the Saudis are afraid of sedition. Many SA clerics long to control all Saudi citizens by issuing fatwa, or religious rulings, no matter how stupid they are. Many Saudis are ignorant enough in their own religion to always agree with any fatwa, as if God spoke to the sick cleric that issued it. Some followers tried to explain it that by making a snowman, it imitates an infidel, or non-Muslim, and this automatically creates lust and eroticism. The Saudi clerics are often looked upon as those who recognize matters that even Satan does not see. In another fatwa, Mickey Mouse was recognized as a soldier of Satan.

Is this a sick joke? Are these people actually serious? Yes. However, modern Saudis, mostly those under 30, responded to this fatwa with disdain over Twitter and Facebook, echoing the stupidity of this fatwa. This act in itself, disrespecting the clerics, could land these outspoken Saudis in jail and receiving whip lashings. This just happened to Raid Badawi who did similar things on his liberal blog. He received a sentence of 1000 lashes and 15 years in jail.


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      perrya 3 years ago

      I suppose....

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      Bill Cosby 3 years ago

      You puts the pudding in the pop which you puts in the freezer.