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Frozen 15-Year-Old Incan Girl From 500 Years Ago On Display

Updated on July 26, 2013

Researchers Found And Have Placed On Display A 500-Year-Old Incan Mummy

When most people think of mummies they think of people wrapped in bandages. This girl however was found at the top of a 22,000 ft. mountain top in Argentina and is nearly intact despite having never been preserved (at least not intentionally). The girl was amongst 3 children sacrificed in a religious ritual known as "capacocha".

In this ritual children who were considered of the best quality (physically beautiful) were taken to the summit of Llullaillaco and sacrificed. The children were given maize beer, eventually fell asleep, and once they did were placed in underground sections and froze to death. These children according to legend then were able to look over and protect their villages from the heavens.

The Mummy Is Nearly 100% Intact!

The craziest part of this story to me is that the bodies of these children are nearly 100% intact. When they were found their was still blood in their major organs (which were all intact), no bones were broken, and the skin and faces of most of them were in good condition as well. The cold temperatures (around 0 degrees Fahrenheit) and thin air on the mountain top were able to naturally preserve these 500 year old bodies.

Dead Bodies On Displays In Museaums

There is a lot of controversy over whether or not "dead bodies" should be on display as this one is in Argentina. Some people (understandably) are grossed out by dead bodies, and others find it in poor taste to display people even if they are deceased. This particular exhibit is of the actual frozen girl (still frozen and not a replica) and is kept at a constant 0 degrees in conditions that will keep it preserved. In order to see the body all you have to do is "hit the button" on the exhibit. What are your thoughts on this? Do you feel that actual corpses should be on exhibit like this?

Do you feel that ancient people's dead bodies should be on exhibit?

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Please, can we follow Lulz and see his other hubs?  I bet they are good!
Please, can we follow Lulz and see his other hubs? I bet they are good!


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    • profile image

      Candy 3 years ago

      Oh my god... This is cool to see someone's face after 500 Years. Wow. Amazing.

    • profile image

      Samaya 3 years ago

      I'm only 11 but this is interesting that a 500 year old body can be preserved in cold ice for 500 might of carried deceases though.

    • profile image

      kassie 3 years ago

      Its interesting finding out what happened to these ppl & how long it took for them to be discovered.

    • profile image

      oo 4 years ago

      so sad

    • profile image

      Alexe 4 years ago

      Most amazing thing I've ever seen

    • profile image

      isabella 4 years ago

      it tells you how they were in there time gives you ideas what it be like but still it's sad especially when it's children nothing wrong with history learning :)

    • LoveUndercover profile image

      LoveUndercover 5 years ago from Malden ma

      Wow this story is amazing. Its so exciting and interesting to see how a body can be preserved and still intact after nearly 500 years! Amazing. I would love to see it in person.