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Fukushima Radiation: Will It Push Human Evolution?

Updated on April 28, 2011

Controversy controversy,....

Every where you look, there are scientists and experts saying the radiation leaking from Fukushima is not harmful. Then you also have skads of other scientists and experts who are suggesting it is very harmful, especially over the long term. Then there are the plethora of news articles going out that every government in the world is raising the limits of allowable radiation and toxins in our air and water.

Since there are times in our past, when each government has admitted to secret wars, experiments and false flags, it makes it easier to remind yourself that there is nothing wrong with keeping an eye on the weather...

What do you believe?

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A Question No-One Has Asked (at least not publically)

From the best information that I can find, the radiation isn't harmful right now. Which means that people are fairly safe in the short term moment. Though it does not mean that we are safe in the long term. Radiation can get you in many ways. One of those ways is through a nuclear explosion. The other is through long term chronic exposure.

Many scientists and a few doctors have suggested that these long term isotopes can cause various cancers, ailments and diseases. It's like getting a little bit of antifreeze in your coffee every morning. It won't make you feel sick immediately, but every day that your body has to fight it, the weaker your body gets.

So here's my question that I have not seen asked publicly (yet)....

              Is it possible that this long term exposure to the radiation, could cause a catalystic change in humans? Maybe enough to bump up evolution?

I know this is very "sci-fi" of me, but no one really truly knows what causes dramatic changes in evolution. If any of the current theories are correct, and humans didn't evolve until after the dinosaurs, then what caused that change? I mean, gigantic reptilian creatures turning into soft squishy tiny primates, is quiet a stretch of evolution. It could make sense that the change from reptilian to mammalian could have been caused by a radiation spike that created long term chronic exposure.

If my hypothesis is even remotely logical; then it would make sense that a spike in radiation now, (while our sun is in it's maximum phase and our earths plates are extra mobile) could possibly cause the next big push in evolution. It would be about time as well, since humans have not really changed that much over the last few thousand years. The physical changes have been relatively small, and most of our advances have been in technology.

This technological evolution has actually created more radiation in our world. We already get it naturally from the soil, rocks, sun, moon and space. Add those natural elements of radiation to the radiation that comes from cell phones, computers, tv's, ipods, video consoles, electronic cars, nuclear power plants, lights, electricity and batteries - and you have quiet a concoction of radiation soup. Though we've turned our soup into a gumbo with the ionizing radiation pouring from the Fukushima plants.

Radiating-Evolution Hypothesis....

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What if...

So what if this radiation doesn't actually make people "sick" per se....

What if any perceived sickness or illness, was actually the sign of physical changes?

What if all this extra radiation was set to cause some of the strange changes predicted by 2012 enthusiasts and experts?

What if.... the radiation that will continue to cover the globe... is set to change human beings forever?

Could it cause us to become strange human/other-creatures like in X-men? Maybe a few people will turn into minotaurs, satyr's or centaurs (the golden era is supposed to be coming up soon...)? Maybe it will cause a change in our brains and allow us to become telekinetic or telepathic (no more hiding those nasty thoughts!)? Maybe we'll evolve more towards our predator side, or maybe we'll become superior models of ourselves.... Who knows?

What do you think will happen from this long term chronic exposure to harmful radiation?

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I care about your enjoyment!

Did you enjoy this hub?

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  • BizGenGirl profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Lake Stevens

    Definitely. Wolverine is one of my fav xmen =)

  • laneanders profile image


    7 years ago from Tennessee

    Quite a bit to ponder in this hub. I sure hope I become Wolverine. He always was such a BA mofo. =D


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