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Fun Air Pollution Science Fair Project

Updated on March 26, 2012

Why Do An Air Pollution Science Fair project?

Lately we have all become more and more aware of air pollution and how we are polluting the earth with our carbon emissions and more. Why not use this as a good science fair project example.

Science fair projects must be fun and the kids must feel that it is relevant to real life and what can be more relevant to today's world that air pollution?

In this science fair project we are going to see how air pollution results in acid rain that damages plant life. It is going to serve as a very real warning of the dangers of air pollution.

It is very important for the kids to understand, with this air pollutions science fair project that it is the pollutants in the air that dissolves in the rain and cause the acid rain. When they understand that, they will be able to understand the project.

1. Write The Hypothesis For Your Air Pollution Science Fair Project

State what you think the result of acid rain will be on plants.

2. The supplies you need to do your Air Pollution Science Fair Project:

  • You will need three jars with lids
  • Masking tape
  • A marking pen
  • Water
  • 3/4 Cup of lemon juice
  • 1 Tablespoon
  • 4 Healthy growing plants

3. How to do your Air Pollution Science Fair Project:

  1. Start by labeling your plants A, B, C, D.
  2. Keep plant A as your control (what is a control when you are doing a science experiment?)
  3. Now you lave the jars B, C, and D
  4. To each jar you now add ¼ cup of lemon juice
  5. Add water as follows to the jars; to jar B you add ¼ of water, to jar C you add ½ cup of water and to jar D you add ¾ cup of water.
  6. Place your plants on a sunny windowsill
  7. Every day you water the plants with a little of the water in the jars, plan B gets the water from jar B and plant C gets the water from jar C and plant D gets the water from jar D while plant A gets fresh clean water.
  8. Take not of what happens every day. Jot your findings down in a notebook and take photos of your plants every day to use in your display

4. The result of your Air Pollution Science Fair Project:

  • Your control plant A keeps on growing as normal
  • Plant B shows the first adverse sign to the "acid rain" as the leaves start to curl and shrive. It will in all probability stop growing and die.
  • As time goes by the other two will start showing the same signs, first plant C and then plant D.

5. The explanation of your Air pollution Science Fair Project results:

  • Why do we get acid rain?
  • What happens to the earth because of the acid rain?
  • What will the long term result be of all the acid rain?
  • Do you think we should really pay serious attention to air pollution?

Air Pollution Science Fair Project - What So You Consider To Be The Biggest Pollutant?

What do you consider to be the biggest pollutant of air ,land and water?

See results

Look At This Shocking Video On Air Pollution!

How Do You Feel About Air Pollution?

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    • profile image

      delaney 4 years ago

      this is a great gamechanger for air pollution

    • profile image

      mehak 5 years ago

      that seems like fun

    • profile image

      vartika yadav 6 years ago

      i am a fifth class student and want to make a project for school exhibition,plz suggest some suitable ideas.

    • Hendrika profile image

      Hendrika 6 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa

      The latest events concerning pollution makes it vital to bring it to our kids' attention. I agree with you Effects Of Air Pollution.

    • profile image

      Effects Of Air Pollution 6 years ago

      The effects of air pollution are diverse and numerous. So there is a need to give message to the people to take few precautions to reduce the air pollution.

    • profile image

      alisonn 7 years ago

      air polltion destrys our world. ;) winkey face winkey face