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Fun & Free SAT Practice: Words Starting with J

Updated on March 12, 2019

It's More than a Hunch...

Learning SAT vocabulary words is easier when you tie definitions to memories. The following scenes from The Brady Bunch can help you score well on these SAT words starting with J: jubilation, juxtaposition, judicious and jocular. Additional SAT words are defined here too. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This article is not affiliated with The College Board, the writers of the SAT. Words are taken from previous SATs.


JUBILATION - noun - joy, celebration, exultation

Mike Brady and Carol Tyler's wedding was a time of jubilation.

Years later, Marcia and Jan were jubilant at their own double wedding in The Brady Brides. Here's video!

Theme Song for The Brady Brides


Fill in the blank.

The Brady kids were ________ when Mr. Brady announced a family trip to King's Island, an amusement park in Ohio.

(A) morose

(B) adroit

(C) jubilant

(D) staid

The best answer is C, jubilant. The mention of an amusement park is a clue that you're looking for something joyous. On the other hand:

  • Synonyms for morose are sullen and glum.
  • Adroit describes those who are quite mentally or physically skilled.
  • Staid means "stoic," "sober" or "sedate."

Good work! On to the next J word...

"Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"

JUXTAPOSED - v. - placed next to each other for contrasting effect

Jan Brady, the awkward middle sister, felt as if she were juxtaposed with her popular, beautiful sister.

"All I hear all day long at school is how great Marcia is at this, or how wonderful Marcia did that. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"


Fill in the blank.

As an architect, Mr. Brady liked to ___________ streamlined modern buildings with untamed floral gardens.

(A) vindicate

(B) juxtapose

(C) impede

(D) repine

The best answer is B, juxtapose. The words "streamlined" and "untamed" are a clue because they're quite different from each other.

Do you know what the other choices mean?

  • Vindicate means "to clear of blame or suspicion."
  • Impede means "to place obstacles in the way of."
  • Repine means "to engage in fretfulness."

On to word #3...

JUDICIOUS - adj. - sensible, prudent, with good judgement

Greg Brady's decision to hide a goat in his bedroom wasn't judicious.

Greg Brady Hides a Goat



Fill in the blank.

Amid the children's shenanigans, Mike and Carol could rely on Alice's _____________ decisions.

(A) judicious

(B) contorted

(C) listless

(D) opulent

The best answer is A, judicious, because Alice made sensible decisions. On the other hand:

  • Something that's contorted is twisted.
  • Synonyms for listless are "lethargic" and "spiritless."
  • Opulent means "wealthy."

One more to go!

JOCULAR - adj. - humorous, playful, inclined to joke

A moody Marcia Brady quickly switched from jocular to depressed and back again.

SAT synonyms for jocular: waggish, jocose

Moody Marcia



Fill in the blank.

Alice's love interest, Sam, was a _________ butcher who put people at ease.

(A) squalid

(B) jocular

(C) despotic

(D) misanthropic

The best answer is B, jocular. The clue is that Sam "put people at ease," which rules out other options.

  • Something that's squalid is dirty or disreputable.
  • If Sam were despotic, he'd be like an irresponsible absolute monarch.
  • Misanthropic people are cynical and distrustful. There's no room for that on The Brady Bunch!

Great work! Check out other articles in this series, "Fun & Free SAT Words." Links are below.


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