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Fun In The Sun Part 13

Updated on June 02, 2011

1:1 Buying Tour – San Diego Day 13

13 down, 1 to go!

Bob Leonetti and I had a slower start to the day, and let Scott Carson sleep in! Bob took me to breakfast back at one of his favorite little café’s in the Mission Hills area. Banana nut pancakes were terrific comfort food after all the hard work from the last two weeks.

After breakfast I took student Jamy V. to the airport, and then headed off to Carlsbad to meet with Teresa, the Wells Fargo REO listing agent. We reviewed additional properties Teresa had identified as prospects and ended up making a few more offers. I gave her a blank, signed contract with all the pertinent back up documents so she could continue making offers on Panera Properties, Inc.’s behalf once we had approved the comps.

On the drive back I stopped by a property our students had visited on Bob’s request. The property is in default, and the owner has passed away. Our students didn’t get much face time with the family while in the neighborhood as they were having a memorial for the deceased. While we all want to help people, the last thing we need is to appear as ambulance chasers. I could see there was someone living at the home, and there was no answer when I knocked. I wrote a note and left it at the home asking the family to contact us. Unfortunately, many times the homeowner and/or family is so overwhelmed by life, they do what I call the ostrich syndrome: stick their head in the sand and pretend everything’s going to be ok. We will be there to support them, and they first need to decide to help themselves.

No response from our offer on the 24 unit apartment building in National City. Sometimes these deals just take a while to work themselves out. While we would love this deal to happen, it’s not the only one we are working on. Don’t allow yourselves to get caught up in one-deal-itis! Keep your lead generation momentum going and your options open and good things will happen!

I returned to the Sheraton, updated Bob and Scott on my activities, and basically crashed and burned for the afternoon. Fatigue finally caught up. Yes, even I, with my legendary drive and stamina, will eventually come to a screaming halt. Ok, maybe I’m just a legend in my own mind…

After resurfacing I discovered that Scott had been working with two local area students, Bruce and Victoria. They made the drive down from Vista to spend some time with the team. Jason and I had worked with Bruce and Victoria back on Day 8. Good for them!

We decided to celebrate our last night together and the two weeks of very productive activity by going back to Sammy’s! The manager recognized us, and rewarded me with my choice of a free dessert. I didn’t even have to ask! I opted for this gargantuan hot fudge sundae. The sundae dish had a plate underneath it and the hot fudge filled the plate. Great friends, great food and a well deserved night out. These are some of the best things in life.

Day 13 Activities

Door Knocking
Door Knocking
Crash and burn!
Crash and burn!

Day 13 Wrap


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    • 1scottcarson profile image

      1scottcarson 7 years ago from Austin, Texas

      It twas a great day! No Panty pictures huh?

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