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Fun In The Sun Part 8

Updated on February 10, 2009

1:1 Buying Tour – San Diego Day 8

8 down, 6 to go!  

We started our day having breakfast at Denny’s with our favorite waitress, Ruth. Ruth is a hoot, and doesn’t put up with any crap. She sounds like she’s been a chain smoker for 20 years, you know, that raspy smoker’s voice. She loved Jason!  

After breakfast I headed up the coast to Carlsbad for a meeting with a Wells Fargo listing agent. Teresa was a referral from Roland, and we hit it off immediately. She completely gets investors, and what we need to accomplish. She had several properties lined up which we quickly evaluated, and eliminated a few based on our buying criteria.  This left us with a handful of good properties to go and see, and away we went!

Now, as a professional courtesy, I do let these agents know we are working with other agents. I want us all to play fair. Turns out several of the properties, including one of Teresa’s listings, are properties we’ve already made offers on through other agents. Cool! This means we are on the right track. I told Teresa to find me more of the same and we would write those up through her.  

Jason joined me with two of our students, Bruce and Victoria. Victoria is a licensed real estate agent and turns out she previously sold one of the properties we looked at, and was able to give us some insight on it. Check out our property tours online at the  

I moved from the beach area hotel that’s been home for the last week and into the Sheraton so the team could be together. I had a student taking over my room as the price met her budget a bit better than our host hotel. Gee, such sacrifices I make, upgrading from a Comfort Inn to the Sheraton. I know….anything for our students. Ha!  

Seriously, with the long days we’ve been putting in, it is much easier to work with all of us in the same hotel.  

Jason and I left to have dinner with three students, Jamy V. and the Bensons. Great folks, and great taco place guys! We will have a total of 7 students joining us tomorrow, shadowing Scott, Jason and I for a few days. Can’t wait!

REO Property Tour

Day 8 Wrap


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