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Fun & Interesting Facts About Elephants

Updated on May 15, 2012

One of the largest and most majestic creatures to walk the earth is the Elephant. These wonderful and exotic creatures are absolutely amazing. Let’s take a look at some fun & interesting facts about Elephants

1. Elephants have a very mournful sprit. They are the only animal in the world that will take car of te bones of deceased family members. They take great pride in hiding them so that they will remain untouched to predators and other prey.

2. Elephant’s ear size varies among the two different species of Elephants. The African Elephant has an ear size that is 3 times larger than its nearest cousin in Southeast Asia.

3. Elephants use their ears to ward off other potential threats that they may have detected. They also use it to signal others in the tribe to the danger that may be approaching.

4. An Elephant can excrete up to 80 pounds a day.

5. The ears are used more than just as decoration or as a warning system. They are also used to cool the body temperature of Elephants.

6. During World War 2 just out of sheer coincidence the first bomb dropped on to Berlin actually struck the Berlin zoon. Killing the only Elephant in Germany.

7. In 1916, a more modern day witch hunt accused an Elephant of murder. The Elephant was sentenced t o be hung for the crime of murder.

8. An Elephant has a need to remain cool, because of its large size it can drink up to 80 gallons of water a day.

9. Elephants are known to have a very acute sense of smell. Elephants are able to sense the presence of water, for up to 3 miles away.

10. Elephants are the only land mammals that are unable to perform a “jump.” However, the earth quakes would consume the earth quickly if they did.

11. Elephants have a unique wy to be identified. Similar, to a fingerprint in humans, Elephants ears are used to tell the difference between the large mammals.

12. Elephants are great swimmers and have been known to be able to trek long miles while swimming.

13. Elephants are considered very gentle, and relaxed creatures while they are calm. A Calm elephant will have a heartbeat of only 27 beats per minute.

14. Elephant’s large ears are not good at one thing that would seem obvious. That is hearing. Their sense of hearing is actually not very good, and they rely on other senses to make up for the downfall.

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15.Elephants are one of the largest living creatures on earth and have a large lifespan of up to 70 years.

16.Elephants have to continue to eat their weight in food every day. This can take up to 16 hours a day that the Elephants need to spend eating.

17.Elephants are the only mammals on earth that will sleep for less than 5 hours a night and still have enough energy to maintain themselves.

18.Like most large mammals, it is hard for Elephants to lie down so most will only sleep while standing.

19.Elephant’s trunks are made up of 150,000 muscles.

20.Elephants skin is very thick and durable. It is up to 1 inch thick to provide great protection


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  • Kadmiels profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Florida

    they really are no wonder many cultures consider them the thunder creatures

  • Kristeen profile image


    6 years ago from Michigan

    Very interesting. Elephants are facinating animals. I watched a documentary on Elephants not too long ago. I believe it was on the Smithsonian channel or possibly it was Nat Geo. They are an awesome part of God's creation.


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