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Fun & Interesting Facts About White Tigers

Updated on May 12, 2012

White tigers are a rare breed of the original Bengal tiger. The fur of the Bengal tiger is usually a golden brown with black. However, the white tiger’s fur is almost snow white. They come from the same genetic line of the Bengal tiger. They are not albino or separate species of tiger. They are tigers that have inherited a copy of the recessive gene in their family. This gene controls the skin pigmentation in the tiger’s fur.

White tigers are ones were the fur is white and that still contain the black stripes that we have come to see tigers. The albino tigers have a major difference in which they are all white with no black stripes.

There is a story on where the last white Tiger was born in the wild. It all starts with an Indian name Maharajah Shri Martand Singn. Just outside the village where he was tending to his crops a passerby noted that there was some talking the town of a mother tiger with four cubs one of which was white, roaming the jungle. He was so enthralled by a white tiger that he decided go and capture it. The white tiger cub was rare and worth some extra money to him and his family. So, he set off to find them. This white tiger which was captured as a cub by Maharajah andnamed him Mohan.

Physical Description of White Bengal Tigers

•White tigers are a rare recessive gene that makes them very distinct. They have a pink nose, blue eyes, and white fur with black stripes.

• Whit tigers are usually much larger than their orange counter parts.

•The male white tigers can become very large. They can grow up to three meters in length and weigh almost 200-300 pounds. The females are usually much smaller and can weigh in at 130-200 pounds. The females are usually much smaller and can grow to a maximum of 2.5 meters in length.

•Every tiger, black or orange has stripes on its body, each stripe is unique to the tiger, and they are never the same. .

•If, you were to shave a tigers hair off you would find that it still has stripes. That is because the hair is also in the pigmentation of the tigers skin.

•Tigers have been known to have more than two eyes. On the back of their ears, the tigers have stripes that make them look like an extra pair of eyes.

Facts and information of White Tigers

•The white tigers that are born in the wild which is few tend to have a life span of about 10-15 years. The white tigers that live in the zoos tend to live between 15 and 20 years.

•Tigers are known to be champion swimmers, and this goes for whit tigers. However, they are not as good climbers to their Bengal tiger counterparts.

•They are born to normal Bengal tigers; however, they have just inherited the recessive gene in the family.

•They are much larger than the orange Bengal tigers.

•They are often referred to as Snow Tigers even though their climate does not produce snow.

•As part of the cat species, they are very stealthy animals and can catch most prey by sneaking up on them unexpectedly.

•White tigers are not often found in the wild and are mostly seen in zoos. This is because white tigers are not known to be born in the wild any longer

Tigers are on the world endangered species list and are disappearing. They are being threatened by man coming into their habitats, poachers, and starvation. There are many laws protecting them in the wild and penalties of killing one can be very stiff.


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  • Lipnancy profile image

    Nancy Yager 

    6 years ago from Hamburg, New York

    Amazing hub. Hope that it brings more awareness and appreciation to these rare animals.

  • ASchwartz profile image


    6 years ago from Kentucky

    Very informative with lots of beautiful pictures. I really enjoyed your hub!


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