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Fun Multiplication Facts and Tricks

Updated on June 17, 2013

Multiplication Fun


Fun Tricks for Multiplication

Time to learn multiplication facts. These are some easy and fun tricks for learning your facts and understanding the multiplication facts. There are 100 1-10 facts to learn, but they are not all unique facts. There are really only 55 unique facts to learn.

There are easy tricks to help you learn the facts and become stronger in computation skills. Follow my plan for learning the facts in this order to learn your facts quicker and easier.

The unique facts - highlighted in yellow
The unique facts - highlighted in yellow

Multiplying by 1

We are going to start with multiplying by 1 because this is the most basic element of multiplication. This is also know as the identity property of multiplication.

Multiplying any number by 1 is itself.

This easy and takes care of 19 of the original 100 facts to learn.

1 times anything equals itself. 1 x 2 = 2

19 facts down only 81 facts left to learn.

Multiplying by 10

We have taken care of the multiplication of 1 and now we are going to focus on multiplying by 10. This is a place value problem.

The multiplies of 10 can be relatively easy to learn.

Ten groups of any number is a multiple of ten. 2 x 10 = 20. I you look at the pattern you are just adding a zero onto the end of the original number.

You have mastered another 17 facts. The facts needing to be learned is dwindling 81- 17 leaves you with 64 facts left to master.

Multiplying by 2

The 2 facts, also know as doubles are simple facts to learn and remember with a little work.

There are 15 facts to lean and you can do it fast,

2 times 2 is 4

2 times 3 is 6

2 times 4 is 8

2 times 5 is 10

2 times 6 is 12

2 times 7 is 14

2 times 8 is 16

2 times 8 is 18

Mastering the two's helped you master another 15. From the 64 facts subtract 15 leaves you with only 49 fact left to learn.

Multiplying by Five

The next facts I suggest you work on is the 5 facts. There are an easy pattern that you can learn in no time.

5 times 3 is 15

5 times 4 is 20

5 times 5 is 25

5 times 6 is 30

5 times 7 is 35

5 times 8 is 40

5 times 9 is 45

Then there were less facts to learn. You have mastered another 13 facts. The more you work the more you learn, 49 minus 13 is only 36 more facts to learn.


Multiplying by 9

I love the nines trick. Using your hands you can easily find and learn the fact of 9!

Check out this cool video that explains how it works.

More facts mastered, few to go! 36 minus 11 leaves only 25 facts to learn.

The Nines Trick


Multiply by 3

We have a few facts left to learn. Moving onto the 3's facts that are left to learn.

3 times 3 is 9

3 times 4 is 12

3 times 6 is 18

3 times 7 is 21

3 times 8 is 24

25 facts - 9 leaves only 16 facts left to master!
We are almost there

Multiply by 4

The facts of 4 are left to go.

4 times 4 is 16 - Tell the Queen, 4 by 4 is 16!

4 times 6 is 24 - Learn it now or your brain will get sore, 4 by 6 is 24!

4 times 7 is 28 - Say it now and you'll be first rate, 4 by 7 is 28!

4 times 8 is 32 - When I think of 8 I say "ACHOO" 4 by 8 is 32!

16 - 7 leaves us with only 9 facts left to learn! You have made it this far you can go all the way!


Multipying 6-9

There are only 9 facts that we haven't learned yet. There are a few tricks left to learn. These are a few things that will help you learn the last set of facts.


There are rhymes that help us remember multiplication facts.

Here are a few that I remember.

  • We know that 5 times 5 is 25, so say 6 times 6 is 36.
  • I know now and you do too, 6 times 7 is 42!
  • 6 and 8 went on a date and didn't come back till 48.
  • Say this when you are in a fix 7 times 8 is 56
  • Bugs on the floor, 8 by 8 is 64
  • 7 times 7 is just fine the answer is 49!

The Multiplication Hand Trick for Facts 6-10

Mastering the Facts

Now you have mastered the multiplication facts!!

Remember there are only 55 unique facts that you need to learn to become a successful multiplier. Practice makes perfect and the more you use your facts the better you will understand them.


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    • sasanqua profile image

      Sophie 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Great hub! I remember when I was a kid my mum would drill me on the times tables all the time. Would have liked to have read this hub back then!