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Fun Things To Do In Study Hall

Updated on October 2, 2014

The Classic Boring Study Hall

We've all been there before. First day of school you get your schedule and see that the strictest teacher in the entire school is monitoring your study hall this semester. Inwardly you groan, as you realize you are about to go through 45 minutes of the most lame and boring school of your life, five days a week. NOT SO FAST!

It doesn't have to be that way. You can transform even the most boring of study halls into a comedy cafe in no time! All you need is ingenuity, time, a sense of humor, and a room filled with potential.

The Bucket List

Here is a list to get you going on the study hall you've always wanted.

  • Play capture the flag.
  • Have emergency fire drills where everyone drops to the floor and crawls to the nearest door. (requires advanced planning)
  • Play Musical Chairs.
  • Secretly blow up balloons and let them all go at once around the room after the secret signal is given.
  • Gather everyone's books and binders and build a tower with them.
  • Hide a Geocache somewhere in the room ahead of time and have a prize for the first one to find it.
  • Play "Hum that Tune". Start off quietly and slowly build up to a crescendo.
  • Have a cough or nose blowing fest. See just how many "sick" people you can involve.
  • Coordinate a cell phone calling plan. Partner everyone up with someone else across the room. Turn the ringtones on high volume. If everyone's phones go off at once chances are the teacher will not confiscate them all.
  • Accidentally turn off the lights. Station "screamers" around the room with orders to panic and run around like they are dying.
  • Pretend to be a spy and have the bathroom or the school office be a secret mission that needs to be accomplished by a certain deadline or the whole world will explode.
  • Engage in a staring contest with the monitor. If they ask what you are doing quickly compose some cheesy line about never seeing true beauty until now.
  • Act out an epic battle scene with your pens, pencils, and calculators. For added fun build castles and forts with your books and binders and lay siege to them.
  • Pretend that the floor is covered with burning hot lava and the only way you can move about the room is by crawling over chairs, tables, etc.. For added effect make sizzling noises and cry out in pain if you make contact with the floor.
  • Start doing The Wave.
  • Narrate every little action done by the monitor with your dramatic Morgan Freeman voice.
  • Propose to the quietest person in the class and act out a spontaneous mock marriage ceremony complete with rings, flowers, and of course a proper minister.
  • Play Marco Polo.

So there you have it! Study Hall does not have to be hell. In fact with a little determination, planning, and effort, study hall can be the highlight of your day each and every day.

Trust me, you can easily create memories with your friends that will last a lifetime.

If anyone would like to contribute some of their own study hall ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments section below!


If you want to see a longer list of all the crazy things I have done and plan on doing come check out my full bucket list at


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    • profile image

      bobby 7 months ago

      i love deez i started making my own suckers

    • profile image

      A-B-C's 13 months ago

      this is a teacher and I hope you kids know this is not appropriate for school.

    • profile image

      Serena 2 years ago

      LMAO I swear I'll never get bored in study hall ever again!!

    • profile image

      Adam 4 years ago

      um.. wouldn't you get in trouble for that?

    • profile image

      happy times 4 years ago


    • profile image

      jose jalepeno 5 years ago

      everyone start clapping

      make animal noises

      run across tables

      pretend you're in the jungle

      everyone start drumming

      laugh histarically and then stare at target

      have fun with hand sanitizer

      beatbox together

      play annoying music

      create a list of funny things to do in study hall, lullul

    • profile image

      Mike 5 years ago

      Haha awesome

    • profile image

      poopyjoe 5 years ago


    • profile image

      18fjohnston 5 years ago

      Ha ha ha! I used # 12 almost EVERYDAY, and I have the nicest study hall teacher every and she helps me!!