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Funny Minnesota culture

Updated on June 19, 2013

If your pets food dish is a plastic Country Crock might be a Minnesotan.

  • It's not just the land of 10.000 lakes, we actually have over 13,000 bodies of water. More lakeshore property than almost half of the coastal states combined! You'll never go thirsty here!

  • We have four amazing seasons throughout the year; cold winter, cool winter, warm winter, and August.

  • When you hear a gunshot in the rural areas of Minnesota, your only concern is which direction it came from so you can stop by their place that weekend and chat about whatever it was they were shootin' and how many they got.

  • Some schools in the state actually shut down for the entire week of shotgun/rifle deer hunting season,

  • Minnesota is at a higher elevation than most mountains on the west coast.

  • Yes, believe it or not, it can snow up to two feet in one day and we live through it. Yes, we get snowed in and sit at home and get drunk and listen to music. Or we play Monopoly and argue with our families after 24-48 hours of lack of fresh air. And we love it!!

  • When it does snow here, we don't put chains on our tires and shut down the town like some places. In fact we get out there and plow through the snow, if it's not too deep, with our 4x4 trucks and ATV's and whoop it up! We look forward to this.

  • When the temperature reaches -50 to -60 wind chills or actual temperature, the kids get a day off of school. This happens nearly once every year. We have many days between January and February that are -20 to -50 wind chills and that is normal. Also, if we get 10+ inches of snow, that's called a Snow Day and the kids look forward to at least one of those every year as well. This is when we go snowmobiling, sledding, ice skating, and skiing. Or we just sit at home and watch movies and enjoy each others company. It's a nice break in life sometimes.

  • In January in Oregon the temperatures can be 40+, but the citizens there are in Parka's with chattering teeth. We pull out our shorts and t-shirts and no jacket. As soon as Spring in MN hits in March, our coats and boots and hats come off! After 5,6 months of being loaded up like a snowman every time we walk out the door, we're relieved for weather we can just breathe in.

  • I do believe we invented the hotdish/casserole. When you may be snowed into your home for several days a winter and the temps are subzero for a couple months, you have to make do. You can't run to the grocery store every day, that's not how it works. You take what you have in your pantry and you throw it in a dish and you bake it. That is a casserole/hotdish.

  • Minnesota is actually conducive to the illness SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), typically caused by being cooped up inside for so many days, weeks, months at a time, without sunlight. Doctors prescribe UV lamps that you lay under and get the Vitamin D that you're lacking, which also replaces some of the other vitamins and minerals the body needs. Some of these side effects of SAD are changes in appetite, sleep, diet and weight issues.

Getting To Know Minnesota

Dumb/Strange Laws

  • The land of 10,000 lakes declares mosquitoes a public nuisance.
  • Citizens may not enter Wisconsin with a chicken on their head.
  • All bathtubs must have feet.
  • All men driving motorcycles must wear shirts.
  • Law that makes it legal for a farmer to sleep with his pigs, cows, horses, goats, and chickens.
  • Every man in Brainerd, Minnesota is required by law to grow a beard.

  • It shall be the duty of any policeman or any other officer to enforce the provisions of this Section, and if any cat is found running at large, or which is found in any street, alley or public place, it shall be the duty of any policeman or other officer of the city to kill such cat. (Hibbing)

  • It is illegal to allow animals to sleep in a bakery (Duluth, Minnesota)

  • It’s illegal to tease skunks.

  • No person may be charged with or convicted of the offense of drunkenness or public drunkenness.
  • Hamburgers may not be eaten on Sundays. (St. Cloud)

  • It is illegal to drive a truck or other vehicle whose wheels or tires deposit mud, dirt, sticky substances, litter or other material on any street or highway. (Minnetonka, MN)
    This one is still on the books in Minnetonka under section 845.010 – Public Nuisances

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    • profile image

      Pete Schultz 3 years ago

      Fun insights on Minnesota! I live in the far north where we describe the four seasons as Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter and Road Construction. Thanks for sharing.

    • MissJamieD profile image

      MissJamieD 4 years ago from Minnes-O-ta

      Thanks mts:) Well, here in Minnesota, once it hits 30+degrees, we go without jackets and alot of people wear shorts and short-sleeved shirts. It's funny because we lived in Oregon for half a year a few years ago and it was 40+ and people had their parkas thought that was so funny. Plus, when they get an inch of snow or more, they basically shut down all the cities involved, they have no idea how to deal with the snow:) Thanks for reading and I hope you do get to drive your Jeep here one day.

    • profile image

      mts1098 4 years ago

      This was a great read...funny, real and cold...I enjoyed how you broke this down by the degree of winter seasons and explained how you have adapted to living in that environment...I wear shorts all the time but PA winters cannot even come close to MN...cheers and I look forward to driving my Jeep in MN one day...

    • MissJamieD profile image

      MissJamieD 4 years ago from Minnes-O-ta

      Yes it's flippin' cold here. Yesterday was -25 wind chills! Yuck! But I love it:) Thanks so much for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed.

    • prettydarkhorse profile image

      prettydarkhorse 4 years ago from US

      Very nice! I learned a lot from your hub about Minnesota. BRRRRR..

    • MissJamieD profile image

      MissJamieD 5 years ago from Minnes-O-ta

      Thank you so much Jim:) The reason I wrote this hub was because the very morning that I wrote it I was talking to a friend. We had so much snow the weekend prior, that she was snowed in with her boyfriend and son. Meanwhile, a friend of hers from California called her and he was dumbfounded by the fact that we actually get snowed in in Minnesota. He said to her "So, you're actually stuck there? You can't go anywhere? So you just sit around listening to music and drinking?" I thought it was so funny that other people around the country have no idea that this really is a part of our culture, that i had to write about it. Thanks for reading! By the way, you're one of my very favorite hubbers and I will recommend you to everyone! Your style of writing really makes my heart happy. You're just so descriptive and emotional with your words. I thoroughly enjoy the hubs I've seen so far and I'll have more time this week to read them as I have another week or so before I go back to work. Have a great day!

    • JimTxMiller profile image

      Jim Miller 5 years ago from Wichita Falls, Texas

      Ah, Miss Jamie, almost you make me pine for the land of the frozen chosen! No, I've never taken up residence there, but I have visited on occasion. Enjoyed reading this.