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Fun & interesting Facts About Tigers

Updated on May 10, 2012

One of the most fascinating animals in the world is the tiger. The tiger comes from a long line of ancestral cats that make it what it is today. However, there are still many things that are over looked when we see tigers. This can be from the Siberian tiger, Bengal tigers or other tigers that run wild around the world. We need to learn about them while they are still here because of being hunted almost to extinction they may not have enough time to show us for long.

Here, are the top facts about tigers that you should know.

Pug marks

When a tiger moves around they leave foot prints in the places they have been. This could be in mud, sand, snow or other natural element that holds footprints. These foot prints are called “Pug Marks” these foot prints are very distinctive of the tiger so they are hard not to miss. However, many wildlife conservationists use these pug marks to keep track of the families of tigers that pass through an area and their movements while on the hunt.

A Streak

When you see a large group of tigers together in one area, it is known as a “Streak.” It has also been referred to as an ambush of tigers. Many tigers that are currently in captivity have this behavior, not by instinct but because of the enclosed confines in which they find themselves. If, you ever get the chance to see them in the wild then you will understand that this is seen more often.

A Tigers Roar

If, you ever get to hear a tigers roar at your local zoo or on a safari then you know how loud they can actually be. Most of the time a tiger’s roar can be heard for over 3 miles. Tigers are in the cat family; however, there are only several cats that can actually roar. The Lion, Leopard, Jaguar, and the Tiger are the only cats that can roar. The tiger uses the roar to let others know that you may be heading towards danger.

Champion swimmers

The tiger is also one of the best swimmers in the animal kingdom. Most cats in the world are afraid of water. However, these large cats love a good splash on a warm summer’s day in the many lakes and rivers that they frequent.

Man? No thank you!'

Contrary to what Hollywood has portrayed in the movies. Large cats do not prefer to eat men. They will stay away from man as much as possible. The big cats are actually very docile creatures until they are threatened. Once they are threatened they will defend their territory.


The strips on tigers are used for camouflage and as a way to identify themselves. Each of these strips is in different patterns and is never duplicated on the same tiger or their off spring. They use these strips to blend into their surrounding and as a way to identify the members of their family


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    Jessee R 5 years ago from Gurgaon, India

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