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Funny and not so funy facts about Magnets rev

Updated on February 13, 2013

What are Magnets ?

Any object that attracts metals like iron, cobalt, nickel or steel to itself is a magnet. A magnet can push away or repel other magnets. Some magnets, like iron, are very strong, while other magnets are much weaker.

How did people find out about magnets?

A The magnet was discovered in China as early as 200 BC. Around the same time, the Chinese found that from a magnet, one could find out directions like north and south. Sailors in most civilizations began to use a certain type of magnet called a lodestone to navigate. It is the most magnetic substance on Earth.

In the sixteenth century , Sir William Gilbert discovered that a piece of iron could acquire the properties of a lodestone if you rubbed it with a lodestone. That allowed scientists to create many more magnets.

People were no longer dependent on the few natural lodestones they could find. Today, magnets are made of a blend of different materials that contain some or all of iron, nickel, copper, cobalt and aluminium.

What are poles of a magnet?

A Just as the Earth has two poles – the North and the South poles, a magnet also has two poles. It is easiest to find the two poles of a bar magnet where the poles are at either end are equally strong.

The north seeking pole of the bar magnet points towards the Earth’s North Pole. The other end points towards the South Pole. But if you use the magnet for navigation, you must remember that the magnetic poles of the Earth are not in exactly the same positions as the geographic poles of the Earth.

Also, if you hold two bar magnets next to each other the poles will not point in the same direction because the magnets interfere with each other. The like poles repel each other while the unlike poles attract each other.

What is a magnetic field?

The area around a permanent magnet has a force that can affect other magnets or magnetic materials that come near it. This area is called a magnetic field.

Even the Earth has a magnetic field. It is like a huge bar magnet. Even if you cut a huge bar magnet into tiny pieces, each piece is still a magnet with its own small magnetic field.


Did you know : Paper clip power

Any magnetic material in touch with a magnet starts behaving like a magnet itself. If you hang a paper clip from a magnet, it becomes a temporary magnet.

You can prove it by hanging a second paper clip from the first and then another and another. However, if you remove the first clip from the magnet, all the clips below fall apart since they lose their temporary magnetism.


Who need Magnet ?

A Magnets are used almost everywhere in modern life. Most electrical appliances, from power stations to the little hair dryer at home, use a magnet to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Cassettes are coated with magnetic material that allows sound to be recorded on its surface. Credit cards have magnetic strips that contain encrypted information and enable us to use them. Motors found in dishwashers, fans, washing machines, refrigerators, CD, DVD and audio players use magnets.

Magnets are also used to hold false teeth in place. And they help you remember too – by holding your notes to the refrigerator!


And finnaly : The compass

Even a small pocket compass can show you the exact direction in which you are travelling. Remember that it is not the point marked North but the needle that is always pointing to the magnetic North Pole.

In some compasses you can rotate the dial and align it with the needle to help you find which way is true north. The Earth’s magnetic poles shift periodically. The needle points to the current pole.


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    • prasetio30 profile image


      7 years ago from malang-indonesia

      It's new for me and I really enjoy all information about magnets. I learn much from you, my friend. Keep on update. Thank you very much. Rated up!



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