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Futuroscope: what awaits us in the future?

Updated on December 12, 2016

In all human cultures and languages ​​within the time anyway reflected in spatial metaphors. In Russian we say about the future: "What lies ahead?" For the Russian, like most nations of the world, the future is "ahead" simply because there we all perforce move. Perhaps this metaphor was inherited from primitive nomads: in the end, for a person a day scurrying back and forth between the computer and the office cooler or from the stove to the refrigerator, the term "front" is largely loses its meaning.

Of course, this view is far from universal. In the Vietnamese language, as well as some peoples of the Amazon, the future is behind (and in front of - the past). It is only at first glance illogical: think that the past is always before our eyes, and if desired, we can study it in great detail. The future is completely unknown, as those threats jungle full of tropical jungle that extend behind you.

Perhaps the wisest metaphor of time exists in some people living in the mountainous areas of central New Guinea. When they need to reinforce the gesture of the word "tomorrow", they show a hand up the slope toward the nearest peaks. Apparently, this is because the future is uphill, takes effort. The past is the same - a place where you can simply slide or slip quietly to yourself to relax, what we have repeatedly urged the vicissitudes of history.

All three ideas about the future contained in these metaphors - the truth. Future - the place where we will inevitably move with each new minute and every day. About the future, you can not say anything for sure. Finally, for the future is to work hard. With all this in mind, "Snob" presents readers with a new section of the site, which we have called the "Futuroscope". This sophisticated device allows a better look at the path in front of you an idea of ​​the unknown and understand how much effort will be required, so that together with all of humanity not to sink to the bottom of the pit, where we did not get out.

This project will bring together all the articles and news related to the question "Where is humanity?" All of the new materials, which attempt to answer this question - both editorial and published by the project participants in their blogs - will appear in the "Futuroscope" . In addition, here you'll find the most interesting publications of previous years.

Each of the six thematic sections contains reviews, notes, essays, opinions of scientists and experts on what tasks lie ahead of our civilization in the coming years, decades and centuries, the difficulties it will face, and what methods of solving these problems has to offer today's science.


Will humanity continue to exist on the planet Earth? What awaits him in trying to expand into space?


What does the mankind development of computer technology and electronic communications? Will digital intelligence to replace the biological? What threatens us set up our machine civilization?


Will the future of man to live forever? What threatens us intervention in the genome? Is the future of the Earth artificial biosphere populated? Is science to unravel the mystery of consciousness?


What are the laws of human society develop? whether we are facing a global war? How to end the violence, inequality, and injustice?


To lead us economic growth? What energy resources will be available to us? the maximum possible number of mankind will be achieved?

MATTER AND GENESIS (basic science and understanding of the universe)

Is there a limit knowability of the world? final physical theory will be created? whether a person will gain power over all matter in the universe?


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