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GED Classes For Convenient and Effective Test Prep

Updated on August 31, 2018
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Winnie is an expert test taker and advisor at GED Study Guide in Test Prep Toolkit.

Be Academically Ready To Take The GED Test. Pass With Flying Colors!

Do you intend to take the GED or General Educational Development exam? You may be wanting to study in college or improve your career opportunities but have not finished high school. Obtaining a GED diploma can help you avail of these opportunities, especially if you achieve a high score. You thus have to thoroughly prepare for the said test.

There are 4 subject areas in the GED test that you have to study for, and they are Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. You may or may not need to take GED classes prior to taking the exam, depending on your state’s requirements. Then again, very few of them do so.

It takes 7.5 hours to finish the GED exam, and it is the ticket that can help you move further in your education and career without receiving a traditional high school diploma. Passing the test signifies that you possess the skills and knowledge expected from a high school graduate. You have to take the test on a computer in an accredited testing center, and it is offered not only in English but in Spanish as well. Why take GED classes? There are numerous benefits of doing so, such as having yourself familiarized with the content of the test along with the types of questions (in computer format) that you’ll come across with. At the same time, you can boost your chances of getting a better score.

What Do You Need To Study In Your GED Classes?

You ought to gain ample knowledge for your coming test by taking GED classes. Here’s what you need to study.

  • Reasoning Through Language Arts. This particular subject will test your skills in reading and writing. In the reading section, you will be required to analyze and comprehend information based on different kinds of informational and literary texts. In the writing section, you’ll be asked to edit and eradicate errors found in a specific number of selections. The time limit for the GED RLA test is 150 minutes, with 45 minutes of it allocated for writing an essay.
  • Mathematical Reasoning. In this section, you are expected to tackle quantitative and algebraic test items. Your skills in solving problems pertaining to percents, ratios, proportions and rational numbers will be tested. You should know about calculating the volume and area of geometric figures, factoring polynomials and solving inequalities. Be aware of how to make out functions found in graphs and tables. Using a calculator is allowed in the GED Mathematical Reasoning test that you have to complete in 115 minutes. A formula sheet will be provided for your reference.
  • Science. The topics included in this section are Physical Science, Life Sciences and Earth and Space Science. You’ll come upon tables, diagrams, graphs and various texts in this subject area. Part of this test aims to challenge your grasp of basic concepts, comprising collection of scientific data and evidence, among others. The GED Science test contains two brief essay sections that’ll check your aptitude in supporting your ideas using evidence and summarizing technical and scientific information. The time allocated to complete this section is 90 minutes.
  • Social Studies. You have to study sufficiently about National History, Geography, Economics and Government in this part of the GED test. Brush up on your knowledge of the American Colonization, the Great Depression and the Civil War because the GED test will require you to interpret, understand and evaluate pertinent information about these significant political and historical periods. This subject area of the GED has a time limit of 90 minutes, with a required 25-minute essay.

Choose Your Option Of GED Classes To Join

If you want to join GED classes, ascertain the free or low cost prep courses offered by your state or jurisdiction. These entities provide tutoring via adult education networks and programs. Visit the official website of the GED Testing Service, to access their database of centers for adult education and search for the nearest one from your location.

GED online classes are available for learners who are searching for convenient ways to study for the test. There are numerous of these on the Internet, and one of the most credible is With the use of this online resource, you can study for the GED at home or anywhere convenient. Not only would you gain knowledge from their educational videos but you can interact with fellow test-takers, too. Squeeze in your study time during your breaks at work or early in the morning or late in the evening when your partner or kids are asleep. The best thing about attending GED classes online is that they are for free, sparing you from financial or time constraints and difficulties.


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