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GHS new law!

Updated on November 8, 2011

Seniors have encountered a change this year, with a new policy concerning the long run tradition of Senior Hall. Guilderland High School officials have decided that the hallway outside of the Senior Lounge, nicknamed “Senor Hall”, will no longer be inhabited by solely seniors.

“Since many of us were freshman, we have always looked forward to the privilege of using Senior Hall, but now we can’t,” said Robert Chowder, a senior. The lockers in Senior Hall will now be used to students whose advisories are closest, regardless of class year. This has caused unrest among the new senior class, who feel cheated out of a well-known senior tradition.

“It feels like they’re taking everything away from our class,” said senior, Megan Schmidt. “The seniors have had it for so long and now all of a sudden they decide to take it from our class,” said Amanda Hopkins. These emotions run high, especially because it came as a surprise on the first day of school.

“We should have informed the senior class about this policy. Next year’s seniors now know what to expect,” said Assistant Principal Brian McCann. Guilderland High School administrators did not notify the rising senior class over summer break.

Senior, Jessica Vamanos, expresses a different point of view to the Senior Hallway change. “My locker is so close to my advisory so I don’t have to walk far.”

Although school officials have made it clear that they are not willing to change the new policy, Assistant Principal Brian McCann still declares that discussion and debate about the issue is good. “It works both ways in order for us to have a safe school environment, where both students and administrators need to voice concerns about what policies work and don’t work.”


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