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Graphic Memory For Learning - Mindmap Your Way Past Your Exam

Updated on April 23, 2014

Tony Busan

Mindmap Your Way Through Information Overload

A remarkable thing of today's internet information overload as a result of its increased use is the solution many different kinds of audiences are using to structure that information so it accelerates learning and increases retention. Up to 300 percent of retention has been claimed by Stephen Pierce as a result of his personal interpretation - demonstrated on youtube- of mindmap use.

Marketers Us Mindmap

Stephen Pierce, a master internet marketer uses the principles of mindmapping to retain that information he otherwise would forget.

If you compare the various interpretations of using a mindmap to Tony Buzan's, the inventor of the mindmap, you will recognize certain differences: Tony uses curved lines- much like the natural pathways of the brain- to set up a mindmap, he uses one word phrases to capture ideas. The latter being a prerequisite for retention: people just don't remember more than one word at the time and add all other words by associating them with the source word. Here is Tony's explanation.

Source Words

Source words on the branches of a mindmap need to be chosen carefully so they include all you need to remember and instead of writing all that relates to these words down, you can save 3/4 of the time by mindmapping and write down sourcewords only.

Students Need Mindmaps

Working with newbie internet marketers that get drowned in information it is a must to introduce mindmapping to them, but if you are a student that sits in on lectures and needs to record those for later use,such as study and exams, mindmapping is a very good way to retain that information and helps never to have to go over it again more than once before an exam.

Yes, it takes a bit of effort to learn define source words and words general enough to include your associations, but the time-gain you get after that, as you remember everything so much faster, is time well worth spent.

Curved Lines Essential

An interesting phenomenon is the imindmap developed by Tony Buzan. It is a mindmap program for the computer that has those curved lines whicch are essential for remembering. All the straight line mindmap programs which for the brain doesn't differ from regular writing doesn't help one at all to remember. Download the free trial for your computer here:

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How to Mindmap


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