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Galactic Atlas

Updated on June 11, 2016

One day on Earth could be many days and nights in space

When one looks at the Earth, the assumption could be that the Earth is enormously large. This means that it could be a lengthy expedition to orbit the Earth. Nevertheless, the modern Space Station, moving at a speed of 17,500 miles in every one hour at altitude of 220 miles, manages to orbit the vast Earth in just 90 minutes. While orbiting the Earth, sunrise and sunset are considered to be the most panoramic experience. Ideally, this means that after every 45 minutes, the sun sets and rises again. In this sense, it means darkness and daylight alternate in every 90 minutes. In a single 24 hours, the sun rises and sets 16 times, a clear indicator that it might be difficult to be reliant on the normal chronograph to tell what time it is.

Space Station orbiting the Earth


The galactic view is so panoramic giving the Astronomers new vie everyday. The Earth is vast indeed, but the universe has more colossal bodies including the sun. Many people sometimes think that the Earth is at risk of getting the impact from stray meteors and meteorites. The age of the Earth is an accurate indicator that Earth has more years or even eternity to live. Solar flares and other unprecedented occurrences might be scary, but they won't harm the Earth any soon.

I have always been in love with the skies. However, all this time I didn't know that the Earth was a planet suspended in the universe with some gravity in it. For a fact, I didn't know that we live on Earth. All I thought was that the blue sky was the outer shell of the planet. I knew that everything existed within the Earth. Ideally, there was no way I could believe that we live on Earth without falling inside the universe. Nonetheless, all living organisms must acknowledge the existence of supernatural forces that control the universe. There is too much taking place in the galaxy making the Astronomers to believe existence of God. Although many scientists believe that there is no God, certain occurrences are god signs to indicate existence of a natural force. This unique unseen force is what the rest of us call "GOD."

Solar Flares

From the sight of a solar flare, one can ascertain the existence of a strong magnetic field within the sun. The sun's raging heat is said to be hotter than any other burning stuff. The sun produces enough light to blaze the whole universe. Millions of miles away, the sun is still able to torch and burn our skins on Earth. Solar flares are rare, but when they occur, they may cause extensive damage to humans. The first time I saw solar flares I didn't know what they were. Today, solar flares have been studied carefully and described as less dangerous. Thanks to scientists who discovered that solar flares have been in existence since time immemorial.


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