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Gems N Jewels India

Updated on April 19, 2012

Gemstones are beautiful and colorful stones and carry great ornamental value because of there striking colors. However, it is very difficult to procure genuine piece of gemstones. It is very essential to ensure and guarantee the genuineness of the gemstones before purchasing the gemstones.

  • Then, how to buy gemstones? What is the guarantee that the gemstones are genuine and real?
  • Where should one purchase them from?

The Best way to buy gemstones is to buy Certified Gemstones which are tested in the Lab and sealed after testing. The Lab Report describes the Gemstones chemical combination, Specific Density of Gemstones and other Chemical properties which ensure that gemstones under testing are real and genuine gemstones.

If you are in need of Certified Gemstones you must buy from This is an online Gemstones shopping platform. You may buy the gemstones online and experience the pleasure of selecting the gemstones looking at their images on your desktop or mobile as the website will forward the images of your required gemstones if you will clearly mention the Name of the Gemstones; carats and Rattis of the Gemstone, shade of the gemstones and your Budget or range to buy the gemstones.

For example, you may order a Yellow Sapphire of 5 to 8 Rattis and Cream, Whitish or dark yellow in color. You should also mention your Budget. Before you decide your budget, it is essential to understand and know the three C’s of gemstones. The pricing of the Gemstones depend on this Criteria.

The Three C’s of Gemstones

Before ordering, you must understand that the Price of the gemstones varies on the basis of Cut, Color and Clarity. These 3C’s are important to judge while selecting gemstones.

The Cuts impart reflective index and also ornamental value to the gemstones and raise the pricing of the gemstones. Therefore, if you require a gemstone for astrological reasons, you may cut upon your cost by selecting gemstones which are uncut or slightly cut. You must be prepared to pay more if you want Gemstones with ornamental Cuts.

The Color and Clarity of the stone also contributes to the pricing of the Gemstones. Dull or light shade stones may be of lesser price as compared to dark colored stones. However, a clear but light shade stone may be priced high as compared to dark but less clear gemstones.

Now, what does one mean by Clarity of gemstones?

All Gemstones have traces of impurities which reflect through the gemstones in the form of black or white threads. These impurities are the Organic substances because all gemstones are chemical combination of matter which is found in its natural form in mines.

The chemicals impart colors to the gemstones, for example, mineral Chrome imparts Red color to the Ruby: Coral is Calcium Carbonate with Magnesium Carbonate and traces of Organic substances.

Emerald is from BERYLL family and its green color is due to aluminum silicate. The traces are the inclusions reflected in the gemstones which are none other than organic matter. These inclusions, when densely scattered in the Gemstones Bars the Clarity of the stones and so the price of the gemstones reduces to quite some extent.

However, these intrusions guarantee that the gemstones are natural and not the imitations!!! It is most likely that highly priced gemstones also have these intrusions but may be with a thin scatter. Therefore, the price for gemstones has a vast range. Each piece is rated individually on the 3C’s criteria and priced accordingly. You may confidently rely on the supply of gemstones from

So now, if you are clear in your mind about the 3 C’s of Gemstones, you may Order Now on and enjoy selecting your gemstones by above criteria’s from the pictures of the gemstones sent to you from You will receive your selected gemstones, duly certified.

To begin with click on the link, select the required gemstone from the list of stones click on


Now, fill the essentials to generate enquiry for the gemstones to order.

Happy Shopping on


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      meme 3 years ago


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      Kinga Maslanka 5 years ago

      I like the pictures ............... a lot of people like me.......... when they bond with me ................ they give me nice gems........... I like that..........

    • gemsn profile image

      gemsn 5 years ago from Gurgaon

      Thanks daisynicolas!!!

    • daisynicolas profile image

      daisynicolas 5 years ago from Alaska

      I've always wanted to understand the 'how to's' of gemstones, and your hub has clarity and conciseness. I would love to follow you on this topic.

    • gemsn profile image

      gemsn 5 years ago from Gurgaon

      Thanks Deborah Brooks

    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 5 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      Ruby red is my birth stone.. great hub and welcome to the Hub. I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do

      blessing and sharing