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Updated on December 12, 2014

What is genderizing?

Genderizing is when you take the person's gender and then apply it for them. Ex: pink room, bows, little dresses and dolls. This probably made you think of a girl. Or if I said, Trucks, dirt, blue room and overalls, you would've thought Boy.

Society sees girls as those who are fragile and need to dress all pretty. They are seen as clean, proper and reserved.

Boys are the ones that are allowed to get all messy and when they create a mess, it is okay because "boys will be boys".

Point of view on girls

Girls can be proper, clean and pretty but they can also messy, improper and original. People should say "it's a girl because she has those parts but she prefers playing with boy toys and I love her anyway."

People judge girls when they burp or they fart. Passing gas is one of the most normal things in life.

Many girls don't like pink or purple and prefer the colours that are associated with boys. For example, blue, orange or green. Not liking a "girl" colour is okay.

If a girl wants to play with a truck, let her. Maybe she has never played with a truck and something like that just seemed fascinating. Maybe she will want to play with trucks again or maybe she will never want to play with trucks.

My advice: When having a girl, you can dress her up like one when she is tiny and not able to make choices for herself but the second she shows an interest for stuff, either feminine stuff or masculine stuff, let her choose what she wants. It might just be a small phase but it might also be their life choice.

Point of view on boys

Girls can be messy, rude and not caring about their looks but they can also be clean, polite and very self-conscious about their looks. People should say "its a boy because he has the parts but he prefers playing with girl toys."

People don't judge a boy for his violent outbursts and his passing gas but it isn't always appropriate to do so. Violence is never the key for anyone. Also, passing gas only seems reasonable when at home and when excusing yourself from where most people are.

Some guys like pink and purple and can wear it a lot better than some girls. Boys have been bullied because they liked purple or pink and wore that colour.

Some guys play with Barbies because they have older/younger sisters or because they just thought they were interesting for them. Kids that play with dolls or play dressup will recreate their lives and also represent their ideals while they play. It is all part of learning.

My advice: Let him free to pick what he wants to wear or play with when he can start making his own choices.

Can you see a difference?

Gender: know or no?

Some parents choose to want to know the child's gender because they want to know if it is a boy or a girl and they want to know how to prepare for the child. When it is a girl, they paint her room pink, put little bows and everything cute.

Some parents do not want to know because they don't really care about what they are having and they prepare their room for a baby.

Babies are cute and it doesn't matter if they are a boy or a girl.

Gendering before

Before, toys were toys. Legos use to show boys and girls in their commercials. Kinder Surprise use to be advertised for boys and girls.

Toys didn't have labels of "boy" or "girl". Toys were for everyone. All that there was, was age restrictions because not all toys are safe for everyone due to small parts.

Even if they were less open to LGBTQ, they still accepted that boys and girls can read the same books and play with all the same toys.

Gendering now

Gendering now has become intense. Kinder Surprise made "special" toys for girls. All it is is special wrapping that has pink on it. it doesn't even have a different toy inside of it.

Some toys are named "for girls" because they are "slimmer" or in pink. For example; NERF Rebelles and LEGO Friends. Both are still revolved around beauty. For LEGO Friends, it is girls that create beauty worlds for the figurines.

Also, they create special books for girls and for boys. They have different topics depending on who their target is. For boys, they have superheros, spacemen and athletes.

Also, when creating video games, the "boy" games seem to be all about violence and the cover is often dark. The girl games seem all happy and have to do with cooking, cleaning and dealing with kids.

What I see..

I work with kids so I can see how they play together and how they have been socialized in the norms. A lot of the times, the boys will read the "girly" books, like the Minnie Mouse book, and will want to play with the girls. Often the girls do not want to play with the boys because they don't like dealing with them, they feel like the boys only want to bug them, and also, they think the boys have boy germs.

The boys will most likely play with the blocks and build stuff. The girls usually colour and play with stuff that is more quiet. The girls also play more with each other. The boys are more individual when playing.

Can it be reversed?

OF COURSE! Almost everything is reversible! Teaching kids how to be based on their gender is very changeable.

All that needs to be done is let the kids choose what they want to wear and also let them pick what they would like to play with.

Kids want to bully your kids for you letting them be free? Sucks to be the bullies! Our world is supposed to be all about freedom so why don't we let kids choose who they want to be at a young age instead of making them choose as teenagers!

Will you genderize your child?

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    • Breanne Ginsburg profile image

      Breanne Ginsburg 

      4 years ago

      This is a very interesting piece of writing. I see your point on a lot of things. For one thing, I hate when parents see their children playing with toys and they automatically assume that it means their child will be homosexual. If a boy picks up a toy doll and plays with it, it's not the end of the world. For one thing, playing with a doll as a child does not mean he will end up being homosexual and even if he does, who cares. Also, when it comes to painting a room a certain color for a boy or girl, I think I would choose to paint it a neutral color so once my child is born, either gender can enjoy the color.


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