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Updated on April 5, 2010

Prolonged absence

Today is April 5, 2010, and it has been a little over a year since I was very active on Hubpages. I'm a little regretful about the waste of time, but going back to school and retraining has to take precedence over other interests sometimes. Anyway, that's all over, and I'm glad to have some time to rejoin the ranks of others who are driven to express themselves on these pages.

The last year has be an enlightening experience and an opportunity to think beyond the normal limits I had imposed on myself. About nineteen months ago, I watched as the economic conditions made it impossible for my employer to remain open. Nearly fifteen hundred people were dismissed within a sixty day period, to flood an already strapped job market, and swell the enrollments of local colleges. A few found jobs rather quickly, and I was one of them A few more decided it was in their best interests to relocate to other states and did so. An even smaller number were in the US on work visas, and returned to their homes overseas. I counted the ones who found jobs easily among the lucky until I was laid off again four months later. That's why I was in school.

But going back for more education was intensely interesting. It reminded me of the formal education we all go through to a certain extent, and brought back recollections of people I had known a lifetime ago. Not all of them were friends, but most were, and it was sobering to think about all the people I have met and interacted with during my life. The vast majority of them exist in that distant corner of memory where their personalities and appearances are frozen in some sort of time capsule in my mind. It's doubtful I would recognize very many of these folks if we met on the street.

But my association with at least some of them has been profound. I have no doubt that having some of the friends and associates over the years has affected who I am today. And it is my intention to introduce some of the unique people I have known to the world, via HubPages. Here their stories can be told and any who are interested can learn a little about interesting individuals who can't or won't tell their own stories.

In some cases, the person(s) real name will be substiuted for an alias. I would rather not do this, but life isn't always pretty and our society today is a litigious one. My intent is not to bring harm or ill will to anyone, but on this site, we have neither the protections or resources of the large media companies. I will advise in the story if the name is real or contrived.

Read these accounts at your leisure. Comment if you wish, and you can trust that all stories are real, as seen through the eyes of this observer. If you wish, try to imagine yourself as the subject of the story. How would you react to the things that happened. Or if you were an observer like myself, what would have been your response. Above all please enjoy a brief glimpse of some interesting individual's lives.


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