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Genesis Healthcare Inco

Updated on August 15, 2017


Genesis health care is one of the largest rehabilitation centers in the United States of America. The firm has a pool of workers including high skilled nurses and other professionals who are well endowed to offer personalized, high quality therapies for all clients and residents in the centers. GHC operates in more 1700 locations within the various states of the United States. Genesis headquarter is in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania (Genesis Healthcare, 2017).

Mission of Genesis Healthcare

The mission of Genesis Health Care is dedicated to improve the health of its community through prevention, rehabilitation, early intervention and education (, 2017).

The Distinctiveness of GHC services to those of Competitors

The services provided by Genesis health care are entirely different from its competitors. In that, it focuses on providing individually clinical services that are more professional while its competitor offers general health services like comprehensive treatment. That clearly brings out the difference between this two health care. Genesis health care has different customers both internal and external clients, for example, the internal customers are employees themselves. The firm provides a variety of products to its customers ranging from quality health care to some specialized restoration therapy and lastly providing mental support to patients in the hospital. Furthermore, the healthcare facility accords independence, autonomy and freedom to all its clientele in choosing how they want to be treated (Holtz, 2008).

The Role of Christianity

Christianity plays a major role to the Genesis Healthcare. For instance, most of the staff members are Christians and thus they promote a positive attitude in the workplace alongside adherence to ethical and moral principles. Rosen, Israeli, and Shortell (2012) points out that accountability and integrality is paramount for healthcare professionals. In this respect, Christianity has helped in reinforcing this element since there are quite few cases of such incidences as fraud, theft, corruption or negligence. The reputation of Genesis Healthcare has indeed gone up because of how well people are treated since it is now the culture of the company for all clients whether those who appear rich or poor, to be treated and served in equal measure. At GHC, there is no staff or client who is more equal than the other. What is more, the faith has also improved staff/management relations since the junior ones understands the necessity of respecting their senior counterparts.


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