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Gentle way of saying that kids still listen

Updated on August 7, 2016

When you tease your children

When you tease your children , or throws a fit in the middle of the supermarket , do you often say to me by the phrase beginning with " No " , "No " or "Stop " ? Such as , " Do not hit me " is the first question that comes to mind and you have to say you will not desire to continue to do what is done . However , generally speaking no effect or they can stop , but the reluctant attitude recur again and again . The use of language when talking with children is the most important factor if you want to educate their children in the right way .

Gentle way of saying that kids still listen

According to Kara Carrero

According to Kara Carrero , a teacher , a blogger and mother of three children shared that , the use of language with negative connotations to children, rarely get the desired results . This she has experience from her own experiences . Whenever Kara said "no " to you , then it will virtually have little effect . Say so does not mean that the three children of Kara can do anything or not was never disciplined . However , in anything , if she made ​​the request without the word " no " , then the children heard more words .

Kara herself admitted that saying "no " is the simplest answer to the demands of the child but is not effective because children are naturally listen when someone talk to them . So when you see me come near the kitchen , instead of saying : " Do not go near the kitchen ," Kara said, "I come here ." There are thousands of choices on how to talk to not use negative sentences to children . It suggests ways Kara said matching some common questions parents in the following content :

Kara noted that the above example does not mean that the provisions you never get to say " No " to me anymore but try to restrict as much as possible .

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