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Imminent Geomagnetic Reversal - What it could mean for us

Updated on August 25, 2014
Foggy Evening in the Cemetary
Foggy Evening in the Cemetary | Source
DNA methylation
DNA methylation | Source

Rapture and Science

The Earth's protective magnetic shield is under a state of real fluctuation. Some say that soon there will be a polar shift, which could potentially cause many unforeseen effects on human life. At the same time, people from different walks of life talk about the end times fast approaching, Could it be that these two views are linked, and refer to the same phenomenon?

Religion and intuition has been in on this deal for a long time - rapture. Across the board, religions across the world anticipate something akin to a sudden change, where only a handful survive the change and are transformed and live in a heavenly realm. But what is this sudden change, and does it have some kind of sound basis in science?

From ESA, the European Space Agency

"Pole reversals are a natural phenomenon, evidence of which comes from the ocean floor. When new crust is created though volcanic activity, atoms of iron in the molten rock act like compasses, aligning themselves with the magnetic field and retaining their orientation once the rock has solidified.

These magnetic ‘fingerprints’ in sediments reveal that over the last 200 million years the poles have reversed, on average, about once every 200 000–300 000 years. Reversals are a slow process and do not happen with any regularity. Nevertheless, the last time this happened was about 780 000 years ago, so we are now overdue for a reversal."

A pole reversal, where magnetic North becomes magnetic South, and vice versa, would have major impacts on our lives. Our lives on Earth and our human bodies are linked to the magnetic field - from the protection we get from Solar radiation, to the way we orient ourselves in the world. Animals such as birds are obviously highly susceptible to magnetic fluctuations. Many sea mammals are also attuned to some inner compass, and the current fluctuations in the Earth's shield may explain many dolphin pods coming ashore.

Is it possible that a pole reversal, starting off by drastic and difficult fluctuations, could somehow retune us fundamentally? Could this retuning actually enhance our perceptions, and enable some to see and hear the multiple frequencies that lie just beyond conventional human perception?

Signs of Change

Everyone can see that our planet is entering a phase of momentous change. The world over there are weather events that haven't been seen with such intensity. This too can be linked to the rapidly fluctuation magnetic core of our planet.

Earth's magnetic field fluctuating and weakening over the Western Hemisphere

Does it mean disaster followed by Rapture... or just that your TV won't work

The most extreme case is that the magnetic reversal, where North and South poles flip magnetically, causes the earth's crust to slip and slide, causing immense chaos and destruction across the whole of the Earth. This is the view of some researchers such as John White, citing the demise of the dinosaurs as a good example as to what happens when the poles shift.

An interesting study on lava that solidified over a number of days at the last reversal, has shown that the magnetic charge (i.e. direction) has changed within a thirty day period, suggesting that eventually, a magnetic flip could actually happen in a matter of days (this is covered in John White's book).

If this is the case, savings in banks and health insurance will do nothing to ameliorate the plight of individuals who have somehow survived the ultimate catastrophe. The the best case scenario is being one of those earmarked to be 'saved' and perhaps to be taken up by the heavenly host (whether that is some kind of angelic host or intervening ET...)

The less extreme case, is that electrical systems are affected world-wide, from satellites in space to computers on earth, which is the line taken by more conventional science. Your TV probably won't work - at least, for a while.

Genetic Mutation and the Death of Ego

An interesting possibility is that the extra energy entering the Earth will cause genetic mutations across all species, including us humans. This could really be the equivalent of an evolutionary leap. A dividing line could be seen to be drawn between those who can handle the higher energy, on an emotional and mental level, and have the capacity to let their bodies adapt to the change, and those who do not or cannot.

This might seem somewhat religious and apocalyptic in tone (the 'saved' and 'not saved;), but really, we've all been subject to situations which we just handle with difficulty. If humans do not have the capacity to change and develop, for example, a more open and forgiving nature, it could be that such people may become confused and angry as energy on the Earth increases.

Iraqi Insurgents
Iraqi Insurgents | Source

In fact, many people see the current conflicts in this world, and the tribalism which is becoming increasingly pronounced, as a final struggle of the lower egoic nature. The ego by its very nature does not want to let go. It fights to the bitter end. This tendency toward dogma and religious severity is the work of the ego, which is why militants across the world are on the increase, faced with a perceived injustice toward themselves or their people. They do not perceive the truth, that they are like iron filings, lining up to a pattern which they have no ability to resist. This idea was espoused by the philosopher/mystic Gurdjieff, who saw humans as fundamentally unable to escape from their themselves or their lives, entirely lacking in genuine free will. This is further explored in my hub Gurdjieff, zombies and human machines.

An Evolutionary Leap

So the polar shift which we're expecting (and which appears to be gradually gearing up for) might create a situation where evolution might very well take a giant leap. This leap may well not even be religious in nature, but quite literally a psycho-physical transformation.

Could this be the genetic mutations imagined in the X-Men films?

Already, science has observed strange DNA anomalies happening. For example, Alfie Clamp, the first boy to be born with an extra strand of DNA. It might seem like science fiction, but it's entirely true. This case has come to light because the child was sick and so came under the scrutiny of science.

But how many others out there have already evolved their physical structure, ready to accommodate a higher influx of solar energy?

The Tomorrow People

The Tomorrow People- Ultimate X-Men
The Tomorrow People- Ultimate X-Men | Source

Do you think that planet Earth is genuinely on the verge of unprecedented change?

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    • Electro-Denizen profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Wales, UK

      Thanks for comment YogaKat. Well something's definitely afoot in terms of our weather pattterns and seismic activity. There have always been big fluctuations in the world's history, linked with sunspot activity, changes of weather etc. - and of course polar reversal. Who knows what next one will bring!

    • YogaKat profile image


      4 years ago from Oahu Hawaii

      I have been researching "the Gaia theory " for the past few months. Your well written hub has great info. For me, it becomes more and more obvious that our earth/Gaia's change is coming slowly on an evolutionary level into the DNA of each of us. Our Earth, "Lady Gaia" is alive and I feel honored to be part of her transformation.


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