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US History: George H.W. Bush (1989 - 1992)

Updated on May 9, 2011
President George Herbert Walker Bush (Photos this page, public domain)
President George Herbert Walker Bush (Photos this page, public domain)

A Politcal Dynasty

George HW Bush is the first US President of the American Era named by the Miller Center for Public Affairs in Virginia as "Globalization." President Bush's history includes:

  • Graduated Yale with a degree in Economics
  • Ran for Congress in 1964, against the Civil Rights Act and lost
  • US Representative from Texas, 1966-1970
  • Ambassador to the United Nations, 1971-1974
  • Republican National Chairman, 1975-1976
  • Director of the CIA from 1976-1977
  • Vice President under Ronald Reagan, 1981 - 1988
  • US President, 1989-1992

Famous Last Words - "Read my lips. No new taxes." - 1988

President Bush's father, Prescott Bush, was a US Senator from Connecticut; his son Jeb, was the Governor of Florida; and his son, George W. Bush, served as the 43rd President of the United States from 2001 - 2008. The family made a fortune in oil and became a political dynasty.

The Alaskan Peninsula

Location of the Juan Valdez oil spill (public domain)
Location of the Juan Valdez oil spill (public domain)

Surgeon General Antonia Novello

Mae Jemison

Mission STS-47

The STS-47 mission was launched via Space Shuttle Endeavour on September 12, 1992, landing after eight days of studies. The seven crew included the first Japanese astronaut, the first African American woman to fly in space, and the first married couple to fly on the same space mission.

The STS-47's mission was to fly the SpaceLab-J. The SL-J payload included 34 Japanese and 9 American experiments in materials science and the life sciences. An Autogenic Feedback Training Experiment was conducted on the astronauts to examine relaxation and biofeedback type methods of preventing and easing space sickness. Other studies included frog embyo production and plant cultures.

George H.W. Bush Timeline and Global Events


  • January 20, 1989 - Inaugurated as President of the United States.
  • March - The largest oil slick in American history spilled into Prince William Sound near Alaska. The tanker ship Juan Valdez dumped 10 million gallons of oil that have not been entirely cleaned up, even into the 21st century. The loss of this oil also pressured the overtaxed petroleum-based energy foundation of American transportation, leading to ever-increasing gasoline and related prices. Alaska oil itself cannot be drilled because the lands and wildlife are protected by legislation, as are the Native American inhabitants in that area. even if drilled, that supply would be able to last all of America only two months in the first decade of the 21st century.
  • Summer - over 800 US savings and loan institutions went bankrupt. President Bush signed legislation for federal aide to these entities.
  • December - President Bush and Congress sent armed troops into Panama in or to attempt the capture and arrest of General Manuel Noriega, wanted on drug-trafficking charges.


  • August - Iraqi troops invade Kuwait. The Persian Gulf War begins soon after.
  • Juli Inkster was the first woman golfer to win the Invitational Pro-Am at Pebble Beach- the only pro tournament globally where and men and women compete together.
  • Dr. Antonia Novello became U.S. Surgeon General as the first woman and first Hispanic.


  • January - February - The USA leads the Persian Gulf War with several nations as allies. Together, they drive Iraq out of Kuwait. IN the US, the war was called Operation Desert Storm.
  • April 6, 1991 - Iraq accepts the terms of a United Nations Ceasefire Agreement to end the Persian Gulf War.
  • July - The US and USSR agree to the START I Treat of reduction of nuclear armaments.
  • Summer - Four white police officers are recorded beating black motorist Rodney King in Los Angeles, leading to racially-charged riots and at least 50 deaths, along with over $1 billion in property damages..
  • December - The USSR dissolves into individual autonomous countries, followed by a long series of conflicts between these smaller nations.
  • The United States soccer team wins the first Women's World Cup.


  • February 1, 1992 - The Cold War is declared officially over by Russian President Boris Yeltsin and US President George HW Bush at Camp David.
  • December - President Bush sends troops to Somalia in a United Nations initiated relief effort.
  • December 24, Christmas Eve - President Bush pardons six officials implicate dint he Iran-Contra Scandal, to the criticism of many that declared a cover-up.
  • In Planned Parenthood v. Casey, the US Supreme Court upheld the woman's right to abortion under Roe v. Wade.
  • Ms. Manon Rheaume became the first woman to start in a National Hockey League game.
  • Ms. Lyn St. James comes in 11th in the Indianapolis 500 as Rookie of the Year.
  • Girls won all three Division Titles of the All-American Soap Box Derby.
  • Mae Jemison was hired as the first black female astronaut.
  • 1992 Winter Olympics took place in Albertville, France. The German Est-West combined squads and the Unified Team of ex-Soviets were the top medal winners with 26 and 23, respectively. The USA won 11 medals, including 2 Golds by speed skater Bonnie Blair.
  • 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain saw the American Dream Team of professional basketball athletes with the gold medal.


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    • johnpolk profile image

      johnpolk 7 years ago

      i like the older Bush more. there are allot of controversies in GWB's reign. or maybe there are also controversies during GHWB's reign but i never know them. i guess i need to focus on my history..

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 8 years ago from North America

      I can't find any mention of that, but perhaps other readers have and will let us know. Thanks for thr quedtion.

    • profile image

      Blibble Blobble 8 years ago

      Greetings Friends!

      Yes, do you know if Jimmy Carter is anyway related to Bush?


    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 9 years ago from North America

      Hey thanks DJ! And not too many people I have ever known were named Patty. Glad to know there's another!

      Your video Hubs contests have been pretty fun as well. :)

    • DJ Funktual profile image

      DJ Funktual 9 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

      December 24, Christmas Eve - President Bush pardons six officials implicate dint he Iran-Contra Scandal, to the criticism of many that declared a cover-up.

      Did not know that. Awesomely bodacious HUB!

      p.s. My mom's name is Patty.

    • manoharv2001 profile image

      Manoharan 9 years ago from Bangalore - 560097, Karnataka, India

      Good wrintings friend. Do visit my new post pls

      Plant a seed of friendship; reap a bouquet of happiness

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 9 years ago from North America

      How about that?! I thought he'd win for both his terms, because so much of America seemed to me to want a change like that from Eisenhower to Kennedy. The nation surely received a shakeup and an interesting 8 years under Bill.

      Henry :)

      (haha -it's good to hear another name for awhile.)

    • Peter M. Lopez profile image

      Peter M. Lopez 9 years ago from Sweetwater, TX

      Back in 90-91, when Bush I was president, I was in a speech competition and the topic was how the Democrats could possibly beat Pappa Bush (at the time his approval rating was 91%). I remember predicting they could not, and then along came Bill. But, I did redeem myself, I predicted Billy Boy to win before most thought he could.

      Great hub, Henry.

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 9 years ago from North America

      Thanks for the comment. I hope others find it useful and especially enjoy the links.

    • monitor profile image

      monitor 9 years ago from The world.

      Terrific hub. Easy to read and loads of information. Thank you. Mon.