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Germany is smart to make college free

Updated on August 16, 2015
Education should be a right guaranteed for everyone.
Education should be a right guaranteed for everyone.
Germany's flag. Hopefully, this isn't news for you.
Germany's flag. Hopefully, this isn't news for you.

Germany nailed it

I used to find it stunning that places in Europe can be so far ahead intellectually and politically than the United States, but now I have come to expect such things. It makes perfect sense why Germany is making college free. Increasing the number of people who can become educated at a high level is a great idea. And they do it without making their taxes insanely high.

It is not rocket science how they do this, they simply don't waste money on wars that drain all their finances. Instead spending that money to reinvest in their own citizens. Henry Rollins predicts that Germany will have an intellectual spike in the upcoming years because of this, and I couldn't agree more.

Investing in education is the intelligent way to make improvements in every field and in society.

Secular Talk on the Germany making college free.

College could be free

College in the United States could easily be free for anyone who decided that they wanted to attend college and were qualified to do so. The country as a whole has the money to allow for this to happen, but the government chooses to spend the majority of money on the military.

Don't get me wrong, the military is very important, and we should have apt means to protect ourselves from dangers, but the government spends an excessive and disgusting amount on money on the military.

The government deliberately decides that giving money to create objects whose sole purpose is to kill people is more important than the education of the people it is supposed to represent. If the government truly represented the people, the nation would have common sense reform about many things, not just college. But their lack of caring about the people they represent is evidenced by the lack of funding towards things like higher education.

I want to live in a nation that is invested in its people and strives to develop them as much as they possibly can. Creating a situation where people can better themselves without being limited by financial constraints is a way this can happen.

Creating programs that value the vast majority of people in every situation will help to create a smarter, more innovative, advanced, and overall happier society.

People should be encouraged to go get a higher education and not scared away by the high costs and the dangers of debt. Student debt is the equivalent of receiving a spanking for getting an A on a test. It's counterproductive.

It's not a crazy concept

Some people who may have read about Germany making college free could be thinking about how it isn't fiscally responsibility or how that it couldn't work in the United States. But they are simply wrong.

It would work better in the U.S. We would have colleges fighting for students and fighting to be the more innovative schools. Students would no longer have to decide where to go based on how much financial aid, academic money, or athletic money they will receive. They can look at the colleges and what they offer and then decide which college will be the best to better themselves at.

It may also have a positive effect on schools with large sports programs. When students are incentived to go to a certain school based on the ability to go for free, they will be more likely to choose a school based on other things other than sports, in theory. By doing this, these students will, hopefully, have a higher graduation rate because they are choosing schools for academic reasons. They will not only have higher rates of graduation, but also have a better chance and ability to get a job after they are done with college.

Creating a higher learning academic culture that has as little of a monetary component as possible will only serve to further develop our nation as a whole in a positive way.

Improvements across the board

Improvements in many different fields and industries could be made when more people attend college. It's quite simple. Having more people going to college and going into various fields will increase the odds of advancements in those fields will be made. By allowing more people to go to college, this will be allowed to happen and inevitably, progress will occur.


I personally would much rather see my money go towards the learning of others rather than toward pointless wars that kill countless numbers of innocent people. For me, education is more important than killing people for highly questionable reasons.

It would be nice if people could pay part of their taxes directly to a chosen part of government, so that their money went towards a program run by the government they value the most. It would be a nice option to have and an interesting statistic to track.

In my opinion, people would give much less to the defense and a lot more to programs the U.S. people need much more. Education may not get the majority, but I bet it would get more than a lot of other programs.

Eisenhower on the Military Complex


The United States tries to appear to be ahead of other countries in terms of modernization, but the U.S. lags way behind when they refuse to do common sense reform. When other countries do these things, most people here in the U.S. look at this type of reform like it would make the whole country go broke, make taxes go up, or allow people to take advantage of it in some negative way.

The taxes argument is a valid one assuming the government continues to spend an excessive amount of money to feed to private businesses that desperately need taxpayer money to continue to exists

This country is lagging behind in development because of things like the military complex and the lack of spending on logical things like education and other social programs. We could be the best country in the world, but when common sense reform gets left on the table, nobody wins, except the big businesses that make a living off the tax payer's money.

Henry Rollins on Education and our democracy

Other countries

One of the benefits of lagging behind as much as the United States does in major areas, like education, is that the country can look at other places to see exactly what we should do, how it will work, and what could be done better. This is the a huge advantage because many other countries have already adopted common sense reforms in their countries for not just education, but for other social issues.

There's no reason why the United States cannot look at those countries, see what they do well, and improve upon it.

Education is the future

People will continue to need education in order to be prepared for the world and to be prepared for various fields. It's our job as a modern society to enable intellectual growth as much as we can. Not just we can lead the world in various fields, but so we can make life better, in general, for everyone.

Investing in the futures of people that will work to cure cancer, treat mental disorders, solve the mysteries of the galaxies, make food healthier, create and develop alternative fuels, and make the world around us better, overall.

What do you think the United States' education system will be like?
What do you think the United States' education system will be like?


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    • Say Yes To Life profile image

      Yoleen Lucas 

      3 years ago from Big Island of Hawaii

      Interesting that the US spends so much on the military, yet treats its soldiers so awful. During the first Gulf War, my brother corresponded with a soldier. He sent him a care package containing toothpaste, because the soldier couldn't afford it! Yet the military was spending thousands of dollars on toilet seats.

      I believe your idea is a good one.

    • ICAL TEFL profile image

      Jenny Scott 

      3 years ago from USA

      It is a bit of a no-brainer, this one!


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