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Get Rich Quickly With Tungsten

Updated on December 30, 2016

This is tungsten.

It is also called the infinitely cooler name "Wolfram".
It is also called the infinitely cooler name "Wolfram". | Source

Now you may be thinking, "that is a drab looking block of metal! What am I supposed to do, turn it into gold?"

Yes. Exactly that.

You may need to brush up on your alchemy, though.
You may need to brush up on your alchemy, though. | Source

Do you know any banks that buy gold? Jewelers? Criminals? Doesn't matter who it is (unless it's the International Gold Committee or something). Tungsten can be passed off as gold. However, before we get into further detail, I will just say that neither Hubpages nor the writer will be held responsible for any acts of counterfeit committed. We in no way convinced anyone to try fool the banks. Are we no longer legally liable? Good.

You see, gold has a density of 19.3 g/cm3. Would you happen to know what the density of tungsten is? 19.25 g/cm3. If you are any good with decimals or numbers in general, those two values are very close together. This means a bar of gold will weigh around as much as a bar of tungsten if they are the same size. This will fool any weighing tests.

The method is to plate a bar of tungsten with real gold. This will fool an acid test, and makes the bars appear very genuine. Gold is very malleable, and a few grams of gold will go a long way. Gold plated tungsten bars will nab you an obscene amount of money.

The price of a pound of tungsten is around $30. How much is a bar of gold? Exponentially larger. If you were to spend around $500 (for both the tungsten and the gold), you could easily make around $100,000.

This scam dates back to the 80's when an Austrian bank was fooled, but as recently as 2010, a bank in Germany accepted gold plated tungsten bars.

Aw, shucks.
Aw, shucks. | Source

Now that you know, please, we beg you, do not attempt to try this.


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