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Get Through Any Disaster – What You Need To Know: Finding The Ultimate Safe Haven II

Updated on February 26, 2009

 As you can see, the only countries that score top ( A ) marks are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Kiribati, New Zealand, Samoa, USA, and Uruguay. In the cases of the larger countries, the pampas of Argentina, the outback and far north of Australia, the Amazonia region of Brazil, almost all of non-urban Canada, the South Island of New Zealand and the non-urban USA West are the prime areas. Other locations which do not appear since they are parts of French South Pacific territories include French Polynesia, and most important of all Nouvelle Caledonie (also known as New Caledonia, off the northwestern coast of Queensland, Australia), which would be my number one choice due to the remoteness, tropical climate, lack of population, placidity of the population which is already there, and access to endless food and water supplies. I would be perfectly content at waiting for the world to eviscerate itself while safe and warm and well fed in Nouvelle Caledonie, a phenomenal, huge, beautiful island that very few people even know exists!

The specific area that you choose is just as important as the country. You must know exactly what your destination is, right down to the exact coordinate. While it's still working, Google Maps is a superb resource as you can zoom into virtually any place in the world to a resolution so fine that you can count the trees. The factors that your location must meet include:

  • Remoteness. Is it nearly impossible to reach from the nearest civilized concentration of population?
  • Water. Is there flowing fresh water on the land which flows year round and is verified to be free of pollutants, toxins and parasites?
  • Food. What natural foods grow in the region, are they only seasonal, and can you collect a full menu which will allow for your complete daily nutritional requirements?
  • Animals. Is it an area where wild carnivorous beasts are present? If so, how can you take steps from becoming lunch? On the other side of the equation, is it a place where you can safely and properly maintain small farm animals such as chickens or goats?
  • Defense. Is the area defensible should you happen to come under attack by raiders who want your resources? Is the location on a peak of land or surrounded by tall cliffs or fast flowing rivers? Does the terrain allow you the upper hand over any invaders?
  • Resources. What are the local building materials? Is there plenty of wood, or river rocks, or other natural objects which you can use to build and maintain waterproof, solid shelters? What about boughs or straw or other soft, dry vegetation you can use to fashion mattresses?
  • Fuel. What is there to safely burn in the immediate area? You might want to opt for wood over peat or coal as the latter issue noxious fumes when burned.

If you decide to take this momentous step, you must place yourself in the mindset of a human colony. You must adapt to the new conditions and survive at all costs. There is no rescue planned, as no one is coming to find you. After all, there is nowhere to be rescued to! You must realize that this location is indeed your rescue. You have rescued yourself from a world which has decayed into desperate anarchy and savagery.

Continued In Get Through Any Disaster – What You Need To Know: Planning Your Escape I

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