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Get Through Any Disaster – What You Need To Know: Planning Your Escape I

Updated on February 26, 2009

 Your goal has to be to forge from the natural resources of the area that you have chosen everything that you and your loved ones will require in order to not only scrape a meagre living, but actually thrive. And yes, it can be done!

When should you start to look at these options? Today! There is absolutely no guarantee that the worldwide transportation networks will exist at all next year or the year after that. All it would take is a stock market immolation, a petroleum spike to $400 a barrel, a major terrorist act, a global pandemic, and poof, the airlines are grounded, the ports are closed, and you're stuck for the rest of your short life trying to keep your downtown brownstone safe against the marauding "zombies" as Charlton Heston and Will Smith had to do in their respective versions of "I Am Legend."

Remember, it never hurts to be prepared. It will likely take hundreds of man hours to make these preparations properly for you and your family and close friends. If you were to go through the exercise of finding out exactly how to react to this Apocalyptic scenario starting today, even part time, you would be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of the rest of the population would this unimaginable crisis really come to pass. And keep in mind that the chances are rising every day that this stage of human civilization is on its last legs.

Don't think that you can put it off until the eleventh hour as by then the same channels and resources that you can easily access now will be totally swamped if not totally unavailable. Begin to prepare now.

A collective action is always preferable to an individual effort. Being part of a like-minded group will significantly increase your intellectual, skills and financial resources. Teachers of leadership and group dynamics will preach that making a group of individuals adhere to a specific plan and maintain their loyalties can be one of the most difficult tasks in the world. However, if the group can maintain its cohesion and stay focused on the common goal, there is literally no force that can stop it. Therefore it is important that you act now to begin to create your new community, choosing its members carefully as to their commitment to your common goal, their skills and abilities which the group will need, and their reliability and emotional stability.

There is a plethora of survivalist literature available on the internet and at bookstores. You would be well advised to avail yourself of this information and study it carefully. It will not only provide valuable insight into the best ways to confront a survivalist situation, but it will also convince you that it is really not that overwhelmingly difficult. Through the vast majority of its existence on this mortal plane sapient, civilized humanity has lived in more or less a survivalist mode, so we've certainly evolved in that milieu... it should not prove overly difficult to return to it. In fact, we might find sitting on a tropical beach gorging on fresh grilled fish, coconuts, bananas, guavas and breadfruit far more rewarding and joyful than living our current stressed-out electronics-dazed traffic-crazed lives.

Continued In Get Through Any Disaster – What You Need To Know: Planning Your Escape II

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