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Get Through Any Disaster – What You Need To Know: Turning The Nightmare Into A Dream I

Updated on February 26, 2009

Having a land-accessible safe haven location can also serve another important purpose: You can implement dry runs. You can visit the location well before you decide to relocate yourself there for many years and scout it out in every degree. Get to know the terrain, the flora, the fauna. Where is the water? Have you taken a sample to a lab for testing? What about the edible plants? Are you sure that mushroom is an edible one, or is it a toxic toadstool? What about shelter? Do you want to take advantage of the fact that the DIY stores are still open and build yourself something simple but sturdy with man-made materials, rather than relying on raw lumber and rock?

It is very important that the existence of this location and its potential shelter building be kept an absolute secret from anyone outside the core of your trusted group. Loose lips sink ships, and when all of civilization is headed down the toilet, you certainly don't want to sink along with it.

You will also have to implement completely novel (to you) ways of living. Your group will have to be on guard at all times. Lookouts should be placed 24/7 in shifts, to make the group aware of any potential human or wild animal invasions. At night you should ensure that the lights are shrouded and not visible from a distance. Your fires must be kept to a minimum and use only very dry fuel to minimize smoke that can be seen from many miles away. There is also absolutely no reason whatsoever to have a fire in the daytime. Only set the fire at night for cooking and to keep the chill away. For the rest of the time you can either use a form of a Navajo Match, a tightly wadded roll of dry straw that will keep your ember going, or you can start a fresh fire with flints on a daily basis. You will have to add to whatever natural camouflage your location already has to make it virtually blend seamlessly into the local vegetation. Don't worry too much about aerial camouflage as it's very unlikely that there will be too many aircraft around.

You will also have to train your group in practicing noise discipline at all times. You must never yell to get the attention of a faraway group member. Learn a series of whistles, claps, or other percussions which could be mistaken by a non-group bystander to be a natural forest or jungle sound. Don't have group meetings in the open. If you have to have several people talking, then do so in a cave, or a natural depression that you have lined with vegetable mass to deaden as much of the sound as possible.

It is very difficult for people in our modern age to comprehend, but this is the way most human life has been experienced on this world. It doesn't have to be a nightmare... it can be a dream! You will be living in a way that is no different to the way people have lived for countless centuries, and remember... if they could do it, and not only survive but absolutely thrive and prosper... so can you and your little motley group!

Continued In Get Through Any Disaster – What You Need To Know: Turning The Nightmare Into A Dream II

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    • Hal Licino profile imageAUTHOR

      Hal Licino 

      9 years ago from Toronto

      Your kind words are much appreciated!

    • retirementhelp profile image


      9 years ago

      Planning and being prepared never hurts. Dry runs help work out problems before you are under stress. Good info.


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