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Get Through Any Disaster – What You Need To Know: Turning The Nightmare Into A Dream II

Updated on February 26, 2009

I am well aware that much of this series of Hubs will be seen by the majority of readers as Apocalyptic Fundamentalist Survivalist Lunacy. That is fully their right and they can ignore me to their hearts' content. Their wholesale rejection of these conclusions will in no way affect me or my commitment to the assured belief that there is a time in the very near future where the very few people who have taken these "extreme" levels of preparation will be the ones who survive in happiness, joy, peace and relative comfort, while the millions of people in the cities of the world are tearing each other to bits fighting over dented cans of beef stew.

Fleeing from a civilization gone insane is not a tribulation, but it can be a revelation. Of course it's difficult. Everything in life that is worthwhile achieving is difficult. However, imagine what life would be in your New Eden, free from the artificial stresses and excessive stimuli of what passes for life in our modern world. You may find that not only your body becomes detoxified from the poisons that it is currently exposed to every minute of every day, but your mind may equally be cleansed. You may find an entirely new meaning for life, one that does not include working yourself to an early heart attack in some cubicle in some air conditioned office somewhere, killing yourself over the stress to pile ever larger sums of currency into a bank account for the sole purpose of acting as a living ATM for the large corporations and the myopic government to continually draw upon.

I am not a cash machine. I'm not a machine at all. I am a human being. I did not evolve in the driver's seat of a Chevrolet, or lazing on a couch mesmerized by Bobby Flay's food porn, or shackled to an array of buttons which I must inexorably and swiftly push for the majority of my waking hours in order to send electrons through a silicon block in the proper order to execute a spreadsheet or word processing document.

I evolved in the savannas, in the jungles, in the forests, and on the beaches. My gastrointestinal tract is devised to ingest fresh natural ingredients, not polybrominated diphenyl ethers. My skin evolved to be exposed to sunlight, not to be hidden away in brick boxes subjected to flourescent radiation. My ears are honed to hear footsteps in the woods, not to be exposed to 130 db blasts of Metallica. My eyes are structured to be able to discern between countless shades of chlorophyll driven green, not the rainbow shades of the latest Coca Cola commercial. My body is meant to be running after a deer or zebra, climbing a tree to fetch the ripest fruit, and scaling cliffs to hew out the flints to start my fires, not eternally reclining on a padded Torquemada La-Z-Rack.

I want to live! I demand that I experience true, real, sustainable, natural life in all its colors, shades and sounds. I want the New Eden!

And if this perverse, artificial, hallucinatory civilization has to collapse so that I and others like me can learn from its mistakes and create that ethereal New Eden in order to restore sense, purpose, sustainability, and natural, organic beauty to humanity... so be it.


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    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto

      Yeah, it would really be ironic if 15,000 years ago or more a human technological civilization collapsed and its survivors founded our current society! Great subject for a novel! :)

    • retirementhelp profile image

      retirementhelp 8 years ago

      Who is to say that is not actually how we got here? Makes you think.