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Your Guide to Solution Manuals Online

Updated on July 28, 2016

What Is a Solution Manual, and Why Would I Need One?

So you have spent a fortune purchasing your textbooks. You have attended every class and taken thorough notes, but when you practice the concepts by answering the questions in each chapter of your textbook, you are still unsure of the answers.

A solution manual is exactly what it sounds like. It contains the answers to all of the questions in your textbook, and those answers are usually broken down into easy-to-understand steps.

When used correctly, a solution manual enables students to know whether their understanding of a concept is on track. This will usually lead to students to better master the course material and go into exams with confidence.

A solution manual allows you to check your answers to practice questions in a textbook, so you can gauge whether you understand the material.
A solution manual allows you to check your answers to practice questions in a textbook, so you can gauge whether you understand the material.

Where Can I Get a Solution Manual?

There are hundreds of places you can locate solutions to your textbook problems online. Some are free and others require payment. Over the past couple of years fellow students and I have searched the Internet to find solution manuals for our courses. Below I have compiled a short list of our most recommended sites and methods.

What Is a Test Bank?

A test bank is a collection of questions and answers your instructor could choose from when creating an exam for your course. The benefit of using a test bank prior to an exam is obvious. If you can accurately answer every question it contains, then you should pass your exam.

Although test banks are available from some of the sites listed below, they aren't widely available, and you won't find them for all textbooks.

Beware of Scammers

Avoid contacting people by email. Although not all are dodgy, many students have been left empty-handed using this method. Whether you will receive anything is a bit of a lottery, so we suggest leaving this as your very last resort.

Free Options

If you're desperate for help with your college homework, there are a few free options online. Obviously, as a student, free or cheap options are appealing. Here are the most popular options, which work best if you are using an older textbook or just need the solution to one or two questions.

  • Cramster

The first place to look should be Cramster. This site is probably the most popular website for free solutions to textbook problems. Registration is free, but only gives you access to the solutions to even-numbered questions. To gain access to the solutions to odd-numbered questions, you must become a gold member. You can become a gold member via a monthly or yearly subscription, neither of which are cheap. If you can get away with just solutions to even-numbered problems, then this solution won't cost you a penny.

  • Search Engines

A quick search in Google, Yahoo, Bing etc for the name of your textbook in addition to the words "solution manual" may bring up a few sites offering free downloads. This method mostly works for older editions, and many of the sites are littered with ads and pop ups.

  • Free eBook Websites

There are too many to list here, but there are now many websites offering free eBooks. These sites really can be a gold mine, giving you access to eBooks in one click., reviewed further down, has a one-click free section for older versions of textbooks.

Ebookee can be a good source if you are patient enough to dig through search results to find what you are looking for. As is typical of many free textbook sites, the search engine leaves something to be desired. When you find a download link to the correct book, avoid sites trying to install .exe software, as it may be harmful to your computer.

Quara Answers

Often overlooked, Quora Answers is a fantastic source for textbook help. There are a number of ways you can go about getting solutions on the site. If you just need answers to few problems, then posting the actual problem will more than likely result in someone posting a detailed answer. If you're struggling and require solutions to many problems, then asking for help obtaining the complete manual will usually result in the required information within a few hours. Ultimately any links to information will usually require payment, but if you get lucky, you may be offered one for free via email.

  • HubPages, Topix, Reddit

A quick search on HubPages or Topix will reveal many people selling solution manuals via email. However, these are very chancy and insecure means of obtaining solution manuals; if you are going to pay money, it is better to do so using one of the methods listed below. Reddit is a better source, because many students use this site and are prepared to share.

Paying for manuals

There's an old saying in life that you get what you pay for, and it is definitely true in this case. Most college courses will use the latest edition textbooks. A new edition will usually contain many new problems which won't be in most of the manuals available free on the Internet.

There are quite a few sites and individuals offering such manuals for sale on the Internet and believe me, between us we have tried them all. Obviously if you're paying for a manual, you'll want to get what you paid for, and you'll expect value for your money. Here we review the best options.


At the time of writing, this new site does not have the largest selection of manuals. However, it does allow requests and responds quickly. It claims its prices are the cheapest on the Internet, and after browsing the website, that appears to be the case. The site also has a section of free solution manuals to older versions of textbooks. The site has a simple, easy-to-navigate design. Purchases are delivered instantly via email or to your account.


This website is relatively new to the scene, but a godsend to many students. It has a nice selection of items on display, complete with prices and descriptions. You receive your purchase instantly. We found the site reliable and trustworthy, and the offerings were inexpensive. All the items are up-to-date. If you do not see your desired solution manual, you can also make requests, a process that we found quicker than that of other sites.

  • FullMark Team

This website, which has been around for quite awhile, specializes in test banks. We found this site trustworthy; all purchases were perfect and complete. However, drawbacks to the site include the fact that it doesn't list the prices and only provides a partial list of items available on its website. It also is blog-based, and purchases are not instantly available. Everything has to be done by email, so we found the process receiving your test back very slow.


This is another popular website among students. Although its not instant purchase

This site has a large has upto date selection of manuals but the process is pretty slow, firstly you have to email them to see if they have the manual and get a price. Once you have established availability and price you then need to contact them again to arrange payment.

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    • profile image

      NCLEX 22 months ago

      Textbook Solutions Manual Instant Download

    • profile image

      anonymous 3 years ago

      Don't ever trust Topix because it lots of troublemakers. I should know as I experienced dealing with them on there.

    • profile image

      passerby 3 years ago

      thank you for this article. I just want to practice and make the best of the textbooks that I paid so much for.

    • profile image

      BRAN 3 years ago

      Very interesting

    • profile image

      brad 3 years ago

      yeah is very cheap and it can be even cheaper.

      I purchased a manual last week and they sent me a code, so thought I would share it here..


      use it at checkout for 10% OFF

      cheap as chips lol.

    • profile image

      brimmmy 3 years ago

      Brilliant blog man. I love by far the cheapest site listed. I saved a fortune buying 3 manuals for the price of one on some of these other sites.

    • profile image

      Simon 3 years ago

      Thankyou for this info, very informative

    • profile image

      Paris 3 years ago

      WOW what a fantastic blog. Thanks this was real helpful. Http:// really are very cheap too, purchased 2 for the price of some similar sites. Really appreciate this, god luck everyone with your studies