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Get rid of Hard Drugs: A new Approach

Updated on July 16, 2009

By virtually ignoring Mexico for the last several decades, drug violance has reached the border between the U.S. and Mexico. the cartels now control distribution of drugs through the borders of the United States. Relations between the two countries were so poor that Mexico refused to cooperate with the U.S. "war on drugs." In fact, U.S. agents were uncovered and killed in Mexico with only a token response from our politicians. That is not to say that Mexican corruption didn't have a hand in allowing the U.S. border to be infiltrated through bribery, intimidation, and hundreds of other means.

Now, marijuana is the number one cash crop in Mexico. All drugs targeted to the U.S. must go through a cartel before distribution to U.S. Cities from wholesalers, then street distributors who sell drugs using juveniles(who don't face the same tough prison terms as adults) and gangs, well organized and well funded for necessary payoffs and trafficing recruits.

120 billion has been spent on the war on drugs. The problem has now caused whole countries(such as Mexico) to fight an internal enemy that some say is now controlling the country. Impossible? afghanastan is still noted for the quality of its poppy, while drugs are the number one product exported from this little country. How can we forget Columbia? It was once under the control of a drug cartel with better weapons than the military and the police.

what is going on? Why have our best intentioned efforts failed to make a dent in the traffic of hard narcotics into mainstream America? A person discovered using marijuana in the 50's was treated in school like an outcast who used heroin! However, methamphetimene had been around for a long time, along with heroin and marijuana. the perception then was that drug use was only an urbin problem. Users were hardly better than beasts and maniacs who corrupted the young and hung around school yards to sell their wares. The middle class at least, and their children, were still into alcohol. The kids shared at the drive in while the parents went to parties where booze was used to loosen the guests up.

Conress made the first reluctant move to make all drugs illegal in the 30's using lurid and infamously false information plastered on billboards all over the country. Interestenly enough, the 20's had pretty much proven that there was no point in trying to regulate another popular drug, alcohol, through the Volstead Act,which was later repealed.

Congress was reluctant to make a substance willing injested personally, illegal. Unconstitutional was the main objection, but the public, incensed by the blitz of negative advertising, gave in. This step by Congress, which has cost so much in dollars for police, judges, courts, and prisons has never admitted to the mistake, and so the bureaucracy is blown out of proportion. Every prescription a doctor writes and a pharmacist fills comes under the juristiction of the drug- enforcement -administration. the federal agency tracks all drugs produced anywhere in the world targeting the U.S. market. Alll doctors, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies are monitored.

By and large, this effort to find drug pushing doctors is a waste of time. So are the targeted drugs. It sometimes takes years to get an arrest for an offending doctor. some pof the drugs targeted may be purchased in almost any pharmacy outside the U.S. with out prescription. Targeting a whole population as potential abusers of drugs in the U.S. is a waste of money and time.

The funding for drug education is almost nil. As the drug bureaucracy swells it now confiscates homes, cars, cash and anything else of value and uses it for it's own purpose. there is so much potential for abuse of these actions that it defies belief. Lawyers, however, are getting rich. And who knows who else.

Adequately fund and start up drug education in every school in the land. Start with alcohol, the most abused drug, and get on to the hard drugs, such as speed and cocaine which kill and require users to burgle their own homes to pay for the habit. Show marijuana use as a disgusting drug that impairs the still developing mind of a child but rarely is addicting or causes violence and wholesale theft such as found in hard drugs.

Drugs, when used properly are a medicine. Some, mostly senors who have a legitimate use for paijn killers are denied them simply because the doctor doesn't want the hassles of prescribing a narcotic. Not all these drugs are dangerous, and in fact, few are addicted to the point they go out and steal for them. dince drugs are a medicine, their use should be monitored by a doctor who has quite a few years more training in medicine than your local cop.

the cop comes in when the drug is used illegally, and ev en then, it should be treated like alcoh is treated. It's a community problem and users are not usually sent to prison, given a record that lasts a lifetime, or denied their civil rights.

Many cities have detgox centers for the deposit of an alcoholic picked up in public. he is treated as a patient, not as garbage to b e buried in the prison system to nurse resentments. In some states it's better to be a murderer if you want to get out of jail before the marijuana user. Laws against drugs are an open invitation by abuse for those who have great power over individual freedom in society

Finally, it is unlikely, that is- virtually impossible for a whole population to want hard drugs if they were to become legal. One day in the future, the people will laugh at the puny and expensive methods used to control drugs. In fact when you control drugs, it is more likely that the population is controlled, rather than the drug.

The author is not unaware that this is an unpopular stand. However, his paper on marijuana legalization drew more than a little attention at Oklahoma University when it was read at a senior seminar. Some professors and students were shockeld. Some smiled in a knowing way


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