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Get rid of the moths that are swarm around your front and back patio doors

Updated on January 16, 2009

Moths are attracted to light and things that reflect light. Here's an easy and simple way to get rid of moths that swarm around your front and back patio doors.

Place a bowl with water and a few drops of dish liquid by each door. When you turn on your porch/patio light the refelction of the light will bounce off the surface of the water thus attracting the moths and trapping them. The heaviness of the soapy water weighs down their wings and after a day or two you will notice that you've accumulated quite a number of moths.

Depending on how many moths you attract you might want to change out the water every few days. Dispose the water by throwing it out in your yard. This way you're recycling the water and it's good for the grass as well as the enviornment.


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    • profile image

      Lynda 18 months ago

      I have so many moths swarming around I don't even want to open my door to go outside, I wish I had pictures but I don't totally creeped out Revere,ma.

    • profile image

      lluvia 3 years ago

      How did the moths go away? I have alot of them just outside my door all over my house. Outside!

    • platinumOwl4 profile image

      platinumOwl4 6 years ago

      Thank you for this solution. Up to this point I had the same problem as the person responsible for the question. The day of moth hanging around is now over.

    • profile image

      C. C. Riter 9 years ago

      I like moths. Don't want to kill them, but don't want them indoors either and don't do bugzappers. evil invention.

    • shawna.wilson profile image

      shawna.wilson 9 years ago from Arizona

      Thanks for answering my request! The moths are gone at this point, but I'll keep this in mind if they ever come back.