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Getting Compensation From an Auto Accident Injury

Updated on October 19, 2017

There are a great deal of truck accidents in the state of Arizona every year, and anyone who has been hurt or injured in such an affair may quickly discover about the complications and hassle that comes with such a setback. That is why it is vital that a professional team of attorneys is sought out so that they can leverage their experience and expertise in order to make the ordeal as ideal as possible. Look for a team of personal injury lawyers who know how to leverage the system to get the best outcome possible for all involved.

Trucking accident victims can benefit from the help of an attorney to navigate the entanglement that can arise after such an ordeal since it can be a quite slippery slope. In general, Arizona lawyers are going to use the terminology "truck accident" in the case where one of the involved parties was driving either a semi-trailer truck aka 18-wheeler, a heavy construction vehicle or else another type of large truck with a large trailer in tow. RVs or retail trucks often will fall into this category as well.

The problem for society is that these types of collisions can be quite severe in many cases due to the large nature of one of the colliding transports. This can be seen thanks to the great work by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) who has a fact sheet published annually that has specific statistics. That information can be found <a href="">here.</a> So, for example, there were about 102,000 crashes in 2015 (the latest year with an available report due to preliminary data) involving large trucks and buses. This led to something like 138,000 injuries with an additional 3838 fatal large truck crashes during the same span. That is a high number that still needs to be driven down through more safety implementations and other measures.

The gross weight of these vehicles is another way to differentiate the trucks from the smaller passenger vehicles and such, and it is this large weight that can be detrimental in a crash. There can be so many complications when such a collision occurs such as rollovers, crushed cars and even explosions. A good personal injury lawyer has experience with all of these type of repercussions and can help get to the bottom of the matter. Many of these trucks are going to be driven for companies and organizations that have specific procedures and guidelines that they have to follow in order to protect the safety of the public as much as possible. If they failed to follow any of those, then that can be a specific fault that should be pursued by the legal team in order to ensure that the proper compensation is received as well as impelling the owners to review their policies.

One of the questions that often needs answering is in regards to what actually causes many of these big truck accidents. An Arizona truck accident can often be caused due to driver negligence if the person at the wheel has one of the following factors working against them. First, driver fatigue has often been a major contributing factor, and there are national regulations that must be followed to help reduce this. Limits on the length of a trip, driving time, and the number of breaks all have to be followed, and there should be driver logs that can be obtained by the legal team in order to check for any failure to comply.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is also still a big problem even for commercial drivers and the like. There should, of course, be police records indicating any such high BAC or failed drug tests that can be used in the courtroom to help the case of the injured party. Inattention is a similar issue with injurious or deadly outcomes. Next, there is the problem of defective equipment that an experienced personal injury attorney will be able to delve into. These trucks need all types of maintenance and upkeep, and there should be logs similar to the driver logs mentioned above that verify all of this. Some companies and drivers choose to put in the extra miles without keeping an eye on wear an tear so that they can save money and make more driving. It is important to not let these details be overlooked.

Another factor is that of an improperly loaded or overloaded truck. State and national laws detail how much can be carried as well as the truck's physical capacity. A driver also needs a certain amount of training and road time so that inexperience does not become a factor in these type of accidents. Finally, dangerous weather or excessive speed are often reasons that people are injured on Arizona's roadways. A driver has a financial incentive to get to his or her destination as quickly as possible, and when they violate posted speed limits in order to do that it can lead to trouble. Many of the newer trucks will have an integrated device that records such information so that it can also be reviewed in order to bring everything to light when going before a judge. Here is a full page with information about the event data recorder or <a href="">black box.</a>

So, in conclusion, it may be a very trying time when anyone is involved in an accident with one of these larger trucks on the highways or roads of Arizona. Lost wages, medical expense, and other financial burdens can seem overwhelming, and then there is the need for recovery and peace of mind. An expert legal team of Arizona truck accident lawyers should be contacted so that they can handle the case in the best way possible. Receiving a settlement or compensation may not restore everything after such a life-changing event, but it can at least help to ease the pain.


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