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Getting Prepared To Go To University & Moving Out?

Updated on June 21, 2016


It is always advisable to chose a place where it will make you comfortable to live in and as well have easy access to university and other amenities. You need to first decide if you want to live on your own or have roommates and how much can you spend per month for rent. Make sure to always estimate for the worse situation. For example, If I don't get a job within few a months how much would I be able to afford for rent?

What To Bring To University

If you are moving into your own small apartment by yourself or with roommates, it is best to bring only the things that you will need for the year. Do not bring anything that won't be useful. If you plan to stay longer than one year, plan ahead for the next few years. For example buy things in bulk before moving to university as that will save lots of money. Shampoo, conditioners, school stationaries and non- perishable food items are great to stock on.

Plan A Weekly Budget

It is very important to plan all the incomes that you are receiving and how you are going to use that income wisely. Plan how much you are going to spend each week on rent, food, entertainment, school, clothing, transportation and others. Try to even save as much of your income as possible so that you can spend on travelling or doing anything that you love.

Look For New Dentist & Family Doctor

If you know that you are planning to stay in this city for a long time, I advise to look for a new dentist and family doctor. As important it is to study, it is also as important to maintain a good health. Having regular dentist and doctor check ups are good for your health.


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