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Get Ready for Prom, Guys

Updated on January 3, 2018

Guys Have it Easy?

It is a common misperception that "guys have it easy" when it comes to any kind of event. Prom, graduation, wedding, etc.

Most people think all a guy has to do is put on a suit, show up and if you are lucky, you'll get them to learn a dance step or two.

I was one of those people.

But after writing a few articles for tuxedo rentals, limo services, corsage and flower ordering and dinner reservations; I see now these poor guys have it just as bad as the ladies. Guys may even have a more difficult time because no one has told them step-by-step what to do.

Gentlemen, I am here to tell you that you too can make this event a special occasion and come out looking like a true knight in shining armor.

Get a Date

Ok, so this might seem like a no-brainer but the truth is even if you go it alone, it's no big deal. Prom is a "rite of passage" for all the years of hard work you've put into school.

Even if you go "stag" (as my generation called it), you can still have a lot fun. Make it a boys night out if that's the case.

In any event, these tips will generally help you if you have the date :)

Coordinate Colors

Ask your date what color she will be wearing.

If at all possible, ask her to provide you a color swatch of the dress so you can have a cummerbund and tie matched to the material.

Not to worry, she will know what a color swatch is ;)

Rent a Tux

No guy I know likes the penguin feeling of a suit and tie so how many times will you really wear it after the prom?

The good news is you won't have to spend a ton of money on a tuxedo you'll only wear the one time. Look for a tuxedo rental store in the area (no worries, there are many). Schedule a time to meet with a sales rep at the store.

They will help you with finding the perfect tux, getting it fitted and matching the accessories. Make sure to ask for a group discount. You'll save even more money by getting the guys together and renting tuxes together.

Order a Corsage

Even if you don't want to go with the traditional wrist corsage, it is still recommended that you show up with flowers in hand.

Stick to a solid color. You can never go wrong with roses in red or white but if you are able to get a corsage or bouquet that matches her dress then you are ahead of the game.

If you want to win the game however, get her favorite flower, whether it matches or not :) It shows you've paid attention.

Learn this now and the rest of your life will be a little easier with the ladies.

Make Dinner Reservations

It doesn't matter if the restaurant is expensive. Just find out her favorite place and make reservations.

A lot of times there are several couples that get together for dinner before and/or after the prom so make sure you find a place to accommodate everyone.

No matter how many people there end up being around at dinner, make sure you put your attention toward your date for the majority of the night. You can hang out with friends anytime, but this is a special night for the both of you so make her feel special. You won't get a repeat.

Reserve a Limo

You are no longer restricted to the traditional long limo. Town cars, party buses and even long hummers are available.

If at all possible rent a car or pick her up in mom's car, it doesn't really matter as long as you get out of the car, go to her front door, give her the flowers and open the doors for her at all times.

That's just manners.

In the car, play her favorite music, have a cold bottle of water (or her favorite drink) in the car in case her mouth gets dry from nerves too.

Line Dancing: The Tush Push by Howcast

Learn to Dance

Listen, this doesn't have to be such a difficult task. Learn how to dance even a couple of steps and you will make her night.

Girls hate nothing more than sitting at the table or up against the wall all night while her girlfriends are on the dance floor with their dates.

Even if you are just moving your feet back and forth, you are moving and that's all that matters.

There's another video below that even the least enthused dancer can do.

Be Polite

Throughout the entire night, be polite, use manners, and make the night about her. It's really just that simple.

Pull out her chair, open her doors, compliment how nice she looks, pay attention to her and just have fun.

She said yes to you for the prom for a reason so just be you. That's really the only reason she agreed to go with you to be honest. So don't run her off trying to be someone else.

Last But Not Least

Get her home at a decent hour.

If you have ever hopes of seeing her again, the parents probably won't mind so long as you are respectful. Brining their daughter home at dawn is a sure fire way of making sure that doesn't happen.

Now go home, put the tux on the hanger and breathe. You just pulled off prom night!


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