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Getting a diploma or degree

Updated on March 15, 2013

Success in school

Whether you are in middle school, high school, or college, people need to know basic knowledge to get through in this world. I have always liked school, because learning new things have always interested in me. In either music or history, it is great to to information that you might use in the real world. It can be frustrating at times and you would want to give up, but always try your best at the work. Even in college when tuition can get expensive and you do not have enough student loans, don't give up and try to look for part time work to avoid owing money. One of the mistakes I made while my freshman year was waiting for financial aid and not having a job. I'm in my second year of school, but I cannot wait for financial aid all the time. Also look for ways to pay for your books and supplies by renting books and selling your old books and going to Target or CVS to buy your supplies. Take at least two to four hours to study and have a break for one hour then get back to studying. Use some of these tips and you can do great.


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