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Getting the Best Experience out of Astral Projection Binaural Beats

Updated on July 18, 2011

Getting the Best Experience out of Astral Projection Binaural Beats

If you know the way to properly use astral projection binaural beats then you'll be in a position to astral project on demand whenever you like. It does need some practice and patience though . If you don't know how to use them correctly then you're fully squandering precious time because they will not work. It is of course possible to project on your own without the usage of special tools like binaural beats but this can require ages of practice and your still not warranted any results.

Even though binaural beats entrain your brainwaves to the exact frequencies needed to astral project it requires your mental effort to split from your body. Here is where information and practice come into play. By using the techniques shown here and implementing into your next session, you ought to have no problem astral projecting in 1 or 2 days.

First let me say that you should only use astral projection binaural beats if you are an advanced individual. You should master reaching deep states of meditation and lucid dreaming before you start. You can still project without understanding how to do these things but it makes the OBE less complicated.


Before making an attempt to planetary project make sure there's a good reason why you want to do it. It may be reassurance for life after death, visiting with deceased friends, religious growth, or just to have an amazing experience. Whatever the reason ensure it's a very good one and stay targeted on it. This can keep you inspired to keep going and trying each day.


The first step in separating your body is relaxation. Lay on your back with your arms by your side and allow the binaural beats to take you away. The only real way to project has your body asleep while your intellect is awake. This needs a very relaxed state.


In order to separate your body your consciousness must be utterly focused down to a hardly obvious thread. You can't let any other thought slip in or you will easily slip into a dream or out of the separation state. Attempt to concentrate on one single thing eg the sounds of the binaural beats or your breathing.


In order to project you have to remove and let go of all fear. May seem silly but when you realize just how real and intense the experience is it opens the door for all types of bad thoughts to crawl in. You have to be completely intrepid and know that you'll be safe. Binaural beats can help us with hysteria though not fear. This requires us to let go of it and come head to head with it on our own.


After you relax, focus, let go of fear, and permit the binaural beats to bring us to the hypnotic state we will be able to start the separation process. At this point you ought to be feeling intense buzzing and vibrations all though your complete body. If not, then you are not ready. After you get to this point you should be able to lift your astral arms and legs. Your so close to being out! Use these systems to complete the separation process :

Rope Strategy - Imagine a rope above your head and grab it with your planetary arms to tug out.

Roll Out Methodology - Like you would roll out of your bed do the same with your astral body.

Visualise - Imagine yourself outside your body having a look at yourself until you really are.

Self-determination - When you become more sophisticated you can will yourself out.

Follow this guide and you'll be well on your way to astral projection on demand with binaural beats.

Tip : For the best results make sure you are using good quality astral projection binaural beats. Get a comfortable pair of headphones, try to have a faint light in the room such as a candle, and ensure there is no outside noise or distractions

Astral Projection BInaural Beats Pro's and Con's

Interested in astral projection binaural beats.

Here you will find the con's and pro's of astral projection with binaurals beats.


Capable of entraining any desired frequency

Wide selection of recordings to choose from

Most scientifically proven and investigated

Can add soothing background noise without compromising effectiveness

Whole brain functioning


Must be high quality recordings to work properly

Have touse of headphones

Can sometimes take longer to entrain brainwaves

Ok now after readingabout the pro's and con't here is some more need to know information about astral projection

Astral Projection is not to be misused and is to be taken serious.

thus astral projection- while momentarily interesting and a relief from present boring, hard or even tough lessons of life surely will extend the need for exactly those lessons you escape each time you travel out of bod.

To learn astral projection just to escape all existing lessons given by God to you would further extend the NEED for a repeat of your present incarnation ... since your failed to FULLY accept and solve present lessons.

ALL surrounding and ALL factors of society, religion, industry, economy and people of that environment are a firm part of the lessons to be learn as much as of the solution to get out of those situations and problems manifestedby an individual person.

Astral projection can slow down the spiritual development

- physical lessons to be done HERE and NOW on earth on a purely physical level

- therefore astral activities delays or blocks TRUE spiritual progress unless astral experiences are GIVEN as a gift rather than learned

- those people may become dependent on to it and avoid their family life, professional life and all spiritual lessons as well spending much of their efforts in enjoying astral travel - while more or less fully forgetting to be a productive member of society as well as to really free themselves of their karma to be free for ever for those few who really progress on the path of love

by learning full time and with ALL their efforts and ALL their resources BUT ONE goal - to love, to improve love in all and every situation of life presented

- that some additional lessons are presented in a more efficient way ... during out of body situaitons that are initiated either by Guru - as a gift from God. such gifts NEVER occurs as a result of asking for astral travel from the ego .

- such gifts of love ONLY are the result of TRUE love being verified and developed. more likely such out of body experiences are NO astral experiences but HIGHER spiritual experiences of truly loving nature. they occur as an unexpected gift of love to those who are so busy learning to love that they never even think about astral projectionbut fully focus on improving their behavior, attitude and love on a steady basis toward all.

Hope you guys found this article helpful and educational

Many blessings and safe travels

Maria Valadez

Living And Breathing Spirituality


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    • Matty Says profile image

      Matt Stupar 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Very informative article. Thanks for the tips!