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Giant Cannibal Shrimp Pictures

Updated on May 1, 2012
Giant cannibal shrimp
Giant cannibal shrimp

Giant Cannibal Shrimp:

Giant cannibal shrimp also known as Asian tiger shrimp. It is about a foot long and is native to Asian, Indo pacific and Australian waters. This cannibal shrimp looks like a lobster and found in waters from North Carolina to Texas. Researchers from the U.S Geological survey reported thursday (April 26, 2012) that Asian tiger shrimp have found to increase in population 10 times from 2010 to 2011. It can grow up to 13 inches long and weighs almost a pound. They can also eat their smaller cousins. The new kind of creature causes scares in American waters. Scientists launching a research project on this sea creature. It could carry diseases that can harm native species of shrimp. Female tiger shrimp can lay up to 50,000 to one million eggs and can hatch within a day. Here are some of the giant cannibal shrimp pictures.

Giant cannibal photo gallery:

Giant cannibal shrimp
Giant cannibal shrimp
Asian tiger shrimp
Asian tiger shrimp
Cannibal shrimp in US
Cannibal shrimp in US
Giant cannibal shrimp
Giant cannibal shrimp

Giant Cannibal Shrimp:

Cannibal Shrimp facts

The cannibal shrimp got their as they eat other shrimp. This leads to reduction in other shrimp population, but increases cannibal's population. These Asian shrimp are native to Asian, Thailand and Australian seas. This is a vicious cycle as cannibals rise in number that leads to severe damage to other shrimp species. Tiger shrimp lay up to 1 million eggs during their lifetime and these eggs hatch within a day. Another huge problem is that these cannibal shrimp carry a variety of viral diseases and they are transmitted to other shrimp species.

Cannibal shrimp are delicious though. They are so jumbo sized that they look like small lobster. No one is sure how they reached the U.S. waters and they are not welcome anywhere as they may alter marine ecosystems. Researchers are trying to examine their DNA structure and will find the reason of their origin. Scientists are obviously worried about the increasing population of this shrimp variety.

All these giant cannibal shrimp facts make up for a great plot for a B-Grade Hollywood or Asian movie with flaky special effects. Straight to DVD or a movie for a SciFi original sounds like a great idea for the next matinee show. Tiger shrimp are so delicious people like to eat them as they are so meaty. Scientists are concerned about people eating cannibal shrimp as they have peculiar eating habits however eating tiger shrimp should be safe.


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