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Giant fish discovered life on Mars

Updated on April 7, 2016
Fossil fish image has been smeared color to the viewer can easily recognize. (Photo By Dailymail)
Fossil fish image has been smeared color to the viewer can easily recognize. (Photo By Dailymail)

A search of flying objects (UFO) has claimed that he has found evidence Mars was once covered in a huge ocean, stretching almost half of the northern hemisphere.

Among the stones on the surface of Mars, the passion to learn the aliens had discovered a large fossil fish. The image was taken by NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity back.

Though there was criticism over excessive spending on "the trip search of fish", but he still claims this is a thousand years to have one. In the black and white photographs taken on 23 March, can see very many large rocks on Mars. However, the bottom of the photo have something very strange, but according to Scott c. Waring, there is evidence of oceans on Mars in ancient times.

In an article, Waring reveals interesting findings which according to him "rover" system of NASA had overlooked. He writes: "last year, NASA has announced the Ocean on Mars and looked very much like Earth. I guess the fish fossils are evidence of a mysterious thing. Look closely, you'll see its fins, the move of the fish species ".

"I have smeared color up fish so people can easily see. This fish is about half a meter. Just like the size of a small Muslim children ".

This is just the latest statement on signs of life on the red planet. Earlier this month, a UFO hunters in France noticed the unusual shape of a photo taken by Curiosity Mars Rover at NASA. He claims to have found a cross on a hill, a part being ice covered


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