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Ginger hair festival or Red Hair Day

Updated on July 29, 2012

celebrate ginger hair

Red Hair Day is a celebration of those with natural red hair. Every September in the city of Breda in the Netherlands crowds of people celebrate the ginger gene. You may be surprised to know that no such ginger hair festival exists in Scotland, the native land of the redhead - or 'gingers', as they are affectionately known in Scotland.

Perhaps it is so prevalent in Scotland that there is not so much need for a Red Hair Day celebration as such. But redheads are often the subject of ridicule, none more so than in the UK. So a positive celebration of this rare gift of the ginger gene is long overdue. So, let's celebrate the titian-hued, strawberry-blonde, auburn, copper-topped, ginger-nuts of the world.


Roodharigendag is now in its fourth year. It celebrates redheadedness with lectures, demonstrations and workshops for natural redheads (as opposed to naturally henna- coloured red hair).

Less than 5% of the world's population has red hair, brought about by a recessive gene associated mainly with the fair-skinned of Northern Europe. Red heads thrive in a cooler climate due to this gene. This means their paler skin is more sensitive to the sun and more likely to produce Vitamin D in climates with less sunshine.

Up to 13% of Scotland's population has red hair and 35% carry the recessive gene which can skip a generation. Up to 10% of the population in both Ireland and Wales have the ginger DNA. Other populations in Northern Europe show this to a lesser degree.

The largest population of redheads is in the USA but it is still only 2-6% of the population and redheads in America are often assumed to come from good Celtic stock. This could be perhaps why redheads are often stereotyped as fiesty and having a fiery temper. But I think that it's about time that Scotland stood up for ginger and to take a stand against those who ridicule this rare trait.

this is my only chance to have ginger hair
this is my only chance to have ginger hair


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    • Jill Saperstein profile image

      Jill 3 years ago from Florida

      I want to go to this.

    • TheScarletPlague profile image

      TheScarletPlague 6 years ago from Florida

      I have auburn-red hair! I learned something new... I will have to have my own red hair celebration day on September 7th! Thanks for the hub.

    • Jelliebean profile image

      Jelliebean 8 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

      Hello, I also have a niece with fiery red hair and she has been brought up to be proud of her hair colour. It's about time red heads are celebrated. I look forward to reading some more of your hubs StixBrown.

    • StixBrown profile image

      StixBrown 8 years ago

      My oldest granddaughter has naturally red hair. She's 10. She would love to hear about a celebration for her hair color.