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Give him a Wink - Neil Alden Armstrong's first death Anniversary in July 2013.

Updated on December 15, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Neil Alden Armstrong.

Tribute to a Hero of 1969 when he made the world wonder..

I will be looking at the moon on July 20th 2013 and will give a wink to Neil Alden Armstrong who was standing on the moon making the entire world wonder what he did and said that goes in our history ' One small step for a man a giant leap for mankind '.Neil Alden Armstrong' birth day would have been only 83 years if he was alive.It is his first death anniversary this year why did he die:Armstrong underwent a heart bypass operation in August 2012. A few weeks later, on August 25, 2012, Neil Armstrong died of "complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures" at the age of 82. He is survived by his second wife Carol in Indian Hill, Ohio, and his two sons from his first marriage.He left us last year on August 25th,2012.I am sure every one of us will miss him on 20th July 2013 the day he landed on moon with his partner Buzz Aldrin in the command module.His family after his passing issued a simple request for those wishing to pay tribute;" Honor his example of service,accomplishment and modesty,and the next time you walk out side on a clear night and see the moon smiling down at you, think of Neil Armstrong ,and give him a wink".There can be no better way to pay tribute than what his family has said.I for one think of him all the time I look at the moon.We in India sing a song to put baby's to sleep by singing in praise of moon.I wish some body writes a lullaby in memory of this true hero so that baby's will sleep with his strong and honor their country like Neil Armstrong.We all know he has become immortal but the world has changed and our present generation will take his light that he has lighted and burn the torch as " Neil Torch " to generation after generation.What better tribute can we give to the man who landed first as a human on Moon we Indians consider Moon as "GOD".

India is now planning to send a man to the Moon.Why are we sending another man to Moon when USA has done it.Probably because USA is not sharing the secrets of its tests and other information which they cannot share with other country as they have spent billions of dollars in getting moon mission successful and Moon Rock samples precious.How can this money spent be recovered to help the people will be another secret and most useful for the country's next generation. ISRO our country's NASA is now developing rockets that can reach other country's with a flower boutique along with WMD while USA is testing stealth radar proof Drones to send their flower boutique with fire works to Taliban.

The second man who walked was Mission Commandeer Buzz Aldrin.He is alive somewhere but was born in American Indian populated New Jersey.He was nick named as Buzz because his younger baby sister could not pronounce the word brother and she used to call him buzzer which was further shortened as Buzz by his family surprisingly his mother's maiden was Moon.

Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr. ( Buzz Aldrin )

Apollo 11 off with Buzz & Neil

21 Hours on Moon

Buzz and Neil together spent 21 hours on the Moon and collected 46 lbs of Moon Rock samples which are now on disply for us to see,they further created history when over 600 million people watched their Moon walk on Television through out the world a world record.Neil,Buzz and the crew of Apollo crew have 4 Stars on Hollywood Walk of Fame in California. Aldren has written many books including his 'Return to Earth' and other books which are Magnificent Desolation,a book that he has written in memory of his Moon Mission's 40th Anniversary.Reaching for the Moon,Look to the Stars and two of his science fiction The Return and Encounter with Tiber as also a historical novel Men from Earth.

Prior to Post Activities of Commander Neil Armstrong.

Neil Armstrong fought Korean War and as a fighter pilot he and his squadron were responsible to have brought down enemy fighter Jets to a world record of destroying nearly 90 fighter planes.Neil Armstrong got his pilot licence before he got his driving licence, Neil was interested in perusing a career in Aeronautical Engineering which he did from Purdue University for 4 years and after serving the country's Navy for 4 years completed his Masters from another university a rare choice among Indian youth at that point of time.Some of the achievements are:-

  1. A Pilot with a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering which no other Pilot had.
  2. Flew 50 types of Newer design Planes.
  3. Had 2450 hours of Flying time.
  4. First to test fly a plane at Mach 4 ( 4,000 mph or 6,615 kmph )
  5. He flew at an altitude of 63,198 meters OR 2,07,500 feet
  6. First American Civilian to fly in Space.
  7. As his left Boot touched the surface of the Moon he spoke " One Small Step for a man and a Giant step for Mankind' those words made history.
  8. Neil & Aldrin were the first to plant a American Flag on the Moon.
  9. Armstrong was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest honor bestowed upon civilians plus innumerable Medals from NASA.
  10. Armstrong's signature were sold for thousands of Dollars,that's when he stopped signing autographs.
  11. He was a teacher in University of Cincinnati

Prior & Post Activities of Commander Aldrin.

It was programmed that Buzz Aldrin had to land on the Moon first but on account of the positions that they occupied on the Module Buzz had to physically crawl over Neil Armstrong to open the Module Hatchet Door and it was a door that was next to Neil Armstrong so it so happened it was Neil and not Buzz that got off from the Module to set foot on Moon.Buzz soon joined Neil to walk on the Moon to hoist the Country's Flag on the Moon for the first time.Buzz Aldrin born in New Jersey he did not study Aeronautics like Neil Armstrong he was a fighter pilot a Colonel in USAF and he was second to walk on Moon with Neil Armstrong.Buzz retired as United States Air Force Pilot.After he retired:-

  • He was Commandant of US Test Pilot School in California.
  • He established a Non Profit Organization " Share Space "
  • He made a Featured appearance in a film "America".
  • He said 'we should go boldly where man has not gone before'.
  • He wrote Books on " Race in to Space ".and other famous books.
  • He wanted Astronauts to be trained under water.
  • He has written his biography " Magnificent Desolation ".
  • He had several Military Decorations.

He was a Hero like Neil Armstrong and it is so very unfortunate to all of us that Neil Armstrong is not with him to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing on 20th July,2019..


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