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God, the Super most Computer!

Updated on February 12, 2014

The brain network and Krishna's message!

The capacity and capabilities of creator!

Several times i have wondered about the immense variety of tasks, the computers are able to perform and the people (brain) behind its invention! Then i thought that if human brain is so much capable, what is the capacity of the creator god, who has created the cosmos and ensured its smooth functions. Only a minute aspect of the cosmos is man. If man can be blessed with such a fine brain, though we utilize only less than 5% of its capabilities, i am astonished to think about the super brain or rather super computer which has enabled all this, including the flora and fauna and billions of created beings. As we can not measure the sky, we can never think of measuring the creator's capabilities. It is foolish for an ant to measure the ocean! However, the curiosity of man always desire to know about the various secrets of universe. Hence there is many expeditions in oceans, deserts, outer space and in Antarctic regions also. The thirst for knowledge has pushed man to venture into unknown territories.

By going through the various posts and articles in the hub pages, which is only infinitesimal compared to the huge and mountain loads of writings by various authors all over the world in various languages in different subjects, we can safely conclude that the quest for knowledge of man is never satiated. Why we read various magazines, newspapers, books and travelogue etc? It is for gaining more knowledge. But knowledge is really vast and endless. Any amount of reading or pouring into the books will give us only a small fraction of information about the vast universe and its secrets.

All scientists start their research with some basic assumptions or data. Otherwise, they can never conduct any research. Before the invention of electricity or magnetism, how anybody would have dreamed of such possibilities? These are all chance discoveries! By observing the lightening in the sky, a scientist boldly ventured into the phenomena and after many failures, he could finally understand about electricity! Hence the scientific community is only doing research about the available phenomena or observed facts. They can not create, they can only examine the various aspects of creation!

Today, the compact discs, flash drives, the memory cards are very common in the field of electronics and communication. This reveals one great truth that information can be stored. This is not novel. The human brain itself is capable of storing vast information and retrieve them when needed. Today it is invented as random access memory or RAM in computer Jargon. The analytic capacities of human brain is marvelous. Otherwise human beings could not have ventured into space, sending remotely operated spaceships and conduct experiments there. In every fields, be it in health sector, media or transportation, business ventures, in banks and share markets, computers have become the vital link. The advance in communication and information technology fields in the past two decades in stupendous. For all this, it is the human brain with its complex logical and analytic skills, which has made all this possible!

Can we ever think about the superior brain which has willed the creation and made everything function smoothly, at the same time maintaining the ecology, sustaining it and making exit of the created beings, all species, plants and trees in a normal manner? What must be the capacity of the power which enable various planets to orbit in the sky, the earth and sun, the eternal atomic energy plant which gives millions of watts of power, heat and light for the entire universe? It is really baffling and mind blowing to think about such vast warehouse of power which never exhausts! Do we notice the rotation of earth or felt it at anytime though the earth rotates around its axis at an incredible speed? Gravity prevents us from being thrown out of earth's surface due to the speed of rotation. No ocean spills. The surface of a lake is calm. How the motion of earth has been prevented being absorbed on earth's surface and its inhabitants. It is a complex subject. If we consider the human beings, they themselves are marvelous creatures so to say!

In this material world, we need to plan meticulously even for carrying out a simple task. Planning, design and drawings go into the construction of small machines. How complicated is human body frame? The bones which bear the weight of the body and also give shape to the body, the muscles, nerves and skins, many minute arteries which carry blood all over, the functions of various cells in the body, the constant beating of heart, the communication network by the neuron network, the cleaning of dirt and dusts by the kidneys,lungs and intestines, everything about human is marvelous. How the temperature and pressure are kept normal. How the body grows, the digestion systems, various glands which segregate important hormones for the proper functioning of body, all the above are wonderful.

Let us take the case of population of the world. The numbers are mind boggling. Yet each one is different, his finger prints, retina, his complexion, his face, everything is unique. Many countries boast of designing super computers. When compared to the creator, this is absolutely nothing! Has any scientist so far pondered over the capabilities of human brain as well as the capacity of the creator as a whole?


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