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Gods That Were Found in Africa During the Middle Ages

Updated on June 2, 2016

God Bumba Monkey Twins

Monkey Twins
Monkey Twins | Source

The African God Bumba

Bumba is an African Creator God of the Bushongo people of the Congo. He was believed to be the mighty creator god of vomit.

In the beginning, it was dark and Bumba emerged from the darkness. He was a pale-skinned giant figure. He was ill and had been for millions of years. He was lonely, and it was making him ill.

He was bothered by a bellyache, and he staggered around, moaned and vomited up the Sun. Light now came to the Universe. He next chocked out the Moon. The stars were next and then with a great amount of effort he threw up the Earth.

His nauseating display was concluded when he vomited up 9 animals and several humans as a conclusion.

Bumba was exhausted from all his vomiting. He sat and watched as the 9 animals multiplied. They soon evolved into every living creature on Earth.

All of Bumba's creatures were respectful and friendly except for Tsetse-Bumba. He finally became content.

Nyonye-Ngana, Chonganda and Chedi-Bumba were Bumba's sons. Bumba had kind things to say to his human creations before he headed for heaven never to be seen again.

Africaan God Olorun

Oriehas by Noire 3000 aka James C
Oriehas by Noire 3000 aka James C | Source

Olorun is the African Supreme God. He is the Sky God of Peace, Justice and the Yoruba way. Olorun's people and area are the Yoruba people of Nigeria and Benin.

Olorun is the great king of the Universe and the center of Yoruba mythology. Olorun is like the Christian Jehovah in that he is also a three-in-one trinity god. They are Olorun the Lord of heaven, Olodumara, the Ultimate Creator and Olefin the Messenger.

Olorun was good at passing duties off to someone else. His plans for the planet Earth were amazing and ambitious. He decided to give the job to someone else as usual. He called in his son Obatala, who was the greatest among the Orishas to do the job.

This caused many complications before life as we know it was completed.

Olorun's fame reached the Caribbean. It was thought he led a double life as Yansan.

Shango on Horseback

Gift of Corine and Armand Arman  Attribution: Creative Commons 3.0
Gift of Corine and Armand Arman Attribution: Creative Commons 3.0 | Source

The fourth king of the ancient Oyo Empire was Shango. The ancient Oyo Empire was the West African culture and political center for the Yoruba people. From the fifteenth century until 1835 the Oyo Empire thrived.

Some of the people of the Oyo Empire believed Shango was an unfair king, but he was a very powerful king. Shango fled into the forest when he was challenged for the throne by two of his ministers. Shango wandered around the forest for along time and one day he hung himself from a tree.

When Shango died, the homes of his enemies were set on fire. Many people believed Shango was in the heavens, and he was sending the fire down to earth.

Shango processed some powerful powers being he was the god of thunder and lightning.

During the 19th century, the Yoruba people used Shango's thunderous energy as their symbols of resistance when many of them were taken as slaves to the Americas.


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