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Gods in Greek Mythology

Updated on June 2, 2016

The Triton Fountain, Rome

By Gieanlorenzo Bernini CC BY-SA 3.0
By Gieanlorenzo Bernini CC BY-SA 3.0 | Source

Triton was a merman, the sea god and the messenger of Poseidon.

Poseidon, the Greek God of the Oceans, and Amphitrite were Triton’s parents. He lived in the sea with his parents, and he was Poseidon’s messenger.

Triton had a human head and torso with a fish's tail. He was often seen with a horn or conch shell that he was blowing. He would blow on his conch shell to calm or raise the waves. The sound that came from the conch shell was terrible. It was so terrible it scared the Giants.

Triton had huge powers. He could move huge lands and calm the seas. He had a part in the Olympian Gods fight with the Giants, and he helped drive the Giants away. Like Proteus and Nereus, he had the gift of prophecy. He would seldom use his powers.

Triton was the father of Pallas and Athena was his foster child. Athena and Pallas got in a fight, and Athena killed Pallas.

Greek God Haphaistos

By Unknowen Public Domain
By Unknowen Public Domain | Source

The God of Metallurgy was Hephaestus. He was the Smith of the Olympian Gods.

Zeus was the father of Hephaestus and Hers was his mother. Eileithyia, the goddess of childbirth, Hebe, the goddess of youth and Ares, the Olympian god of war are his siblings. Hephaestus married Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

He was considered a kind and loving god, but he was physically ugly and crippled. When Hera first saw him, she became so upset she threw her son off of Mount Olympus into the sea. The fall caused his leg to be deformed. He was rescued by Thetis and Everyone, the Nereids. For nine years, they raised Hephaestus. They lived in a cave that was far away and was hidden from Hera so she could harm him anymore.

Hephaestus's work shop was under the crater of the Aetna volcano. He worked closely with the one-eyed Cyclopes to make strong thunderbolts for Zeus. Hephaestus became famous when he created Pandora the first woman of the ancient world.

Hephaestus was usually seen wearing a short tunic and holding a double ax. He used a walking stick because of his bad leg.

Zepphyrus, the Greek God of the West Wind and the goddess Chlorin 1875 painting

Painting by Unknown Public Domain
Painting by Unknown Public Domain | Source

In Greek mythology, the west wind was called Zephyr. The west wind is considered a gentle wind where as the north wind called Boreas is a strong wind. The west wind is gentle and warm and brings the spring season. Today the name Zephyr still means warm and gentle breeze.

Zephyr was the father of Xanthus and Balius, which were immortal horses. Their mother was Podarge a Harpy. The Harpies were monsters that were greedy and terrifying. Their head and trunk were that of a woman, and they had a tail, legs, wings and talons of a giant bird.

The Harpy Podarge transformed herself into a beautiful female horse, and she was grazing beside the ocean when Zephyr saw her and became attracted to her.

The gods gave Peleus the two horses as a wedding present. Peleus was the father of Achille, Xanthus and Balius. Balius and Xanthus became the loyal companions of Achille, and they helped him in many battles.

Ares Canope Villa Adriana

Ares Canope Villa Adriana Author CC BY-SA 3.0
Ares Canope Villa Adriana Author CC BY-SA 3.0 | Source

Ares was the son of Zeus and Hera. Ares was the God of bloodshed, violence, chaotic war and strife. Ares was tough and very bloodthirsty. The day came when he was injured, and was thought to be a coward when he ran from the battlefield back to his home to let his wounds heal.

There were 2 giants that were called Aloadae. They were twins. They thought they were better than the Gods. Each brother loved a Goddess. They loved Artemis and Hera.

The Aloadae built a mountain that was as high as Mt. Olympus. They started attacking the Olympians. This did not work for the twins, so they came over to Olympus.

The brothers captured Ares and locked him in a bronze jar, and he stayed there for 13 months. Ares found out the other Olympians tricked the twins into killing each other. He was freed from the jar after 13 months by Hermes.

Jupiter and the Older Gods Asking Heleos to Resume Control of Chariot

By Hendrik Goltzius (1558-1617) Public Domain
By Hendrik Goltzius (1558-1617) Public Domain | Source

Helios came to be from the union of the Titan Hyperion the celestial and the Titaness of sight Theia. His sisters were Selene, the moon goddess and Eos the goddess of dawn. Helios's first wife was Selene, his sister. Helios had many wives including, Perse, who was an Oceanid. Helios and Perse had king Aeetes, Circe and Pasiphae. Pasiphae became the wife of Minos.

Helios was a glowing god with curly hair. He had eyes that were piercing that gazed from his golden helmet and his garment was fine-pun. The ancient Greeks viewed Helios as a gigantic eye that had a halo. He observed all things his light could touch.

Eos traveled to Mount Olympus to tell about her brother's arrival. It was not long before Helios arrived at Olympus in his beautiful gold winged chariot. There were four horses of fire, pulling the chariot. Helios and two siblings would journey across the sky every day.

When Eos was traveling from the land of the dawn to the land of the heavens Eos would gradually change into Hemera, which was the day and later changed to Hespera, which was evening. When Helios arrived, he put himself in his golden cup, and when night fell on the earth his wife Selene, the goddess of the moon, was leaving on her night time journey.

The Nymph Rhode was one of Helios’s wives. The Greek island of Rhodes was named after her and Helios was the patron deity of the island. The people that lived on Rhodes worshiped Helios and had festivals in his honor.

The Island of Rhodes s Colossus of Rhodes was built to honor Helios. The colossus of Rhodes was one of The Ancient World seven wonders. The Colossus of Rhodes was a bronze, triumphal statue that was 32 meters tall.

Atlas holding up the celestial globe

Atlas holding up the celestial globe By Guirrino Public Domain
Atlas holding up the celestial globe By Guirrino Public Domain | Source

The Greek God Atlas was a Titan. Jupiter was his father, and his mother was Clymene. His brothers were Prometheus and Epimetheus.

It is said he lived in the country of the Hesperides. The Hesperides were his daughters. When Heracles was going to take the Hesperides apples, Atlas told him they would only give the apples to their father. Atlas told Heracles, he would only get the apples if he took his place for a short time. Atlas went to get the apples and when he returned, he told Hercules, he would take the apples to Eurystheus himself, and this would save Heracles the burden of carrying the apples. Heracles realized he was being tricked, so he decided to trick Atlas. Hercules told Atlas he would agree, but he needed him to hold the heavens up for him for a little while so he could put a pillow on Atlas’s shoulders so he would be more comfortable. Atlas did not realize he was being tricked, so he agreed. Heracles grabbed the golden apples and left.

After Perseus had killed Medusa, he was on his way home, and he asked Atlas for hospitality. The Greek god Atlas would not let him stay because he had been told by the goddess that a son of Zeus was coming by to steal the golden apples.

Perseus got angry, and he showed Atlas Medusa’s head and this turned him to stone. Atlas’s beard and his hair became a thick forest and his head burned into a high mountain.

Theater of Dionysys Acroolis, Athens, Greece

By Carole Paddata CC BY-SA 2.0
By Carole Paddata CC BY-SA 2.0 | Source

The Greek god of fertility and wine was Dionysus. He was also thought to be a patron of the arts. He is the one who invented wine and taught people how to raise grapes

Dionysus seemed to have two personalities. He could bring joy and happiness or he could be brutal, in a rage and unthinking. Dionysus was capable of driving a man mad.

Zeus and Semele are Dionysus's parents. Dionysus is the only god to have one mortal parent.

Zeus had come to Semele at night, and he was invisible. She only felt his presence. She was happy to be a lover of a god. Hera found out, and she went to Semele disguised and told her she should demand to see her lover as he really was. Semele convinced Zeus to grant her one wish. She asked him to show her his true form. Zeus was not happy, but he kept his promise and appeared in his true form. At the sight of his glory, Semele was burnt to a crisp. Zeus was able to get Dionysus and Zeus stitched him to his thigh to hold him until he was ready to be born. This made Dionysus immortal.

Hera arranged for the Titans to kill Dionysus. He was ripped to pieces by the Titans. He was brought back to life by Rhea and Zeus turned him over to the mountain nymphs so they could raise him.

Dionysus traveled around encouraging his cult the Maenads, wild women, flush with wine, shoulders draped with a fawn skin, caring rods tipped with pine cones.

The other Gods had temples, but Dionysus, and his followers worshiped in the woods. Sometimes they would go mad and tear apart and eat raw any animal they found.

Dionysus was one of the very few people that could bring dead people out of the underworld.

Dionysus had never seen his mother, Semele, so he went into the underworld looking for her. He confronted Thanatos, and he brought her back to Mount Olympus.

He was a very important god in everyday life. He was into rebirth after death. He believed a man could be greater than himself.


By Unknown Public Domain
By Unknown Public Domain | Source

Hades father was Cronus, and his mother was Rhea. Hades brothers were Zeus and Poseidon, and his sisters were Hestia, Mera and Demeter.

Hades kidnapped Persephone and took her down to his home in the Underworld. Persephone mother was Demeter.

Hades ruled the underworld, and he was the Greek god of the Dead. Plato believed Hades should be considered one of the Olympian gods.

Hades very rarely left his gloomy home in the Underworld where he was surrounded by darkness and silence.

Charos, the angel of the dead, was Hades helper. Charos job was to move the souls of the dead. He would move the souls in a boat down the River Acheron from the land of the living to the land of the dead. Hades three headed dog was named Cerberus.

Hades was a gloomy looking god, and he had a beard and dark hair that fell over his brow.

Hades symbol was his helmet that helped keep him invisible.

Resting Hermes By Lysippos (Naples)

By Marie-Lan Nguyes CC BY-SA 2.5
By Marie-Lan Nguyes CC BY-SA 2.5 | Source

Hermes had many deities. He was the Greek god of trade and the god of eloquence. He was the messenger of the Gods.

Zeus was Hermes's father, and his mother was the mountain Nymph Maea. Maea was the daughter of the Titan Atlas. Maea gave birth to Hermes in a cave that was located on Mount Cyllene in Arcada, southern Greece. Hermaphroditus and Satyr Pan were two of their famous children.

Hermes had wings on his sandals that made him the fastest of the Greek gods. Hermes's speed got him the role of messenger. He was also the conductor of souls to the underworld. Hermes could visit the Heaven, Earth and the Underworld, and he was the only Olympian god that had this privilege.

The Ancient Greeks gave their gods human weaknesses, and Hermes had many of them. Ever since he was a baby he had impulses to steal things, so he became the god of cheaters and thieves.

One of Hermes’s jobs was messenger of all the gods, but he usually did things for his father Zeus. Zeus appreciated Hermes’s wit, and he asked Hermes for help in making decisions. He always asked Hermes’s opinion when he was cheating on Hera.

You would see Hermes as a young man that wore traveling clothes and hat that was called a “pelasus.” He always wore winged sandals. He would often hold a winged staff with snakes wrapped around it so he could get in everywhere. His staff enabled him to wake people up.

King of Proteus 2000 Old Man of the Sea or Shapeshifter

By at Studios CC BY-SA 2.0
By at Studios CC BY-SA 2.0 | Source

Proteus is believed to have come from Egypt. He was a marine deity that was very gentle. Proteus's father was Poseidon, and his mother was Tethys. Proteus was Poseidon’s servant.

Proteus was familiar with every sea. He was capable of becoming an animal or dragon anytime he wanted.

Proteus made his home deep in the ocean. He was very fond of sleeping in the shade made by the rocks near the beach. He liked being near his animals. The seals seem to be his favorites.

Proteus main job was to be the herdsman of Poseidon’s seals on the island of Lemnos. You will often find him in the form of a bull seal. Proteus could see into the future, so he also took the form of an oracle. Poseidon asked him to guard his animals one day, and he returned the favor by giving Proteus the gift of prophecy. He never gave out much information about the future.


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