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Gold Fever Rush In Georgia

Updated on November 1, 2017

Bright Yellow Gold Nuggets

Gold Panning in Georgia- a favorite pastime.
Gold Panning in Georgia- a favorite pastime.

Having Fun With Family Gold Panning

One of my families favorite hobbies is going to Dahlonega and Cleveland, Georgia to the gold mines. We were blessed at one time to know the original generational owners of a place called Crisson's Gold Mine. Many tourists over the years for a total of 3 generations have visited the Crisson Gold Mine. My children grew up going there year after year. They actually were there when the orgiinal third generations owned the mine. The new owners of Crisson were actually two of their favorite people that worked for them as young people, and that were left the mine by the Crisson's. The Crisson's owned the mineral rights to the land. They had spent years of service there, and the mine was passed on to this couple. It is really a nice place to go,and I mined and sold over $1,000 dollars worth of gold from that mine. Like most people I thought it was going to be profitable to sell my gold, after I had collected at least an ounce or two and several nice size nuggets. Then gold was about $450. an ounce, and now the last time I priced it recently was $1500 an ounce. That means that if I had saved my gold, then it would have been worth close to $4,000 dollars. I never realized the price of gold would go up.

Now let us talk about panning for gold. The gold ore is crushed by what they call a stamp mill that comes down on the rock and then mixed with sand so that you can actually pan it out of the heavier rock mixtures. I always said when you are panning for gold ,and it is running good, then you usually find other gems like garnet and peridot in the magnetite besides the gold. Gold forms inside of a Quartz rock. The rock is pulled from the mountains and crused by machinery. Next it goes through a mixing procedure. The technique of putting some mixture of sand and rock in a pan and dipping it in the water and shaking it back and forth until you work out most of the sand and rock. What is left at the bottom is yellow gold. It is very bright and you can tell the difference between it and fool's gold. Fool's gold has more of a silver and heavy metallic look about it. Gold is heavy but it is also softer. As I panned the gold I would place it in a vial of clear water. Then you could see the actual gold itself. The vial was filled to be a ounce of gold. Those were my favorite days, when i would go on vacation to visit the Crisson Mine in Dahlonega. Georgia.

Gold that is mined from Crisson's Gold Mine was running somewhere close to 18.75 kt.. Pure soft gold is 24 kt.. Most jewelry that is worn is about 14 kt. gold and or 10kt. Then the cheaper gold jewelry is the plated gold. The dome in Atlanta of the Capitol Building was mined from Dahlonega and Villa Rica. That gold was I think plated on there. Villa Rica is another place in Georgia that has mined gold as well. I did spend a little time trying to find gold in the creek there. I have also been in the creek called the Tesnatee Creek in Cleveland, Ga. There I would put on waders an go out in the creek and dip down and run the earth into a sluice box. One you get rid of most of the excess, then you put it into a pan and pan it right in the creek. I found a few flakes but enjoyed the experience. That same weekend down the creek a couple of college students found about a pocket of $3,000 dollars of gold underneath a rock ,where it had collected from the running stream. That same $3,000 dollars would be about $9.000 plus now. That is how much the gold value went up.

I long to get gold fever once more and visit the hills and mountains of Georgia. My family sees it as a great adventure, and there over the course of years made wonderful friends to treasure. The hospitality was wonderful, and I would highly recommend a trip to see them.


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