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Gold panning in Vermont

Updated on December 17, 2016

Gold in the Brook

Vermont brook where you can pan for gold.
Vermont brook where you can pan for gold.

Gold panning on New Years Day

New Years day 2012!Nice day with warm temperature for January!I guess it would be a good day to enjoy outdoors and I know just what I want to do.I will go gold panning in Vermont.

Buffalo Brook

I had been to Buffalo Brook in December and since I found some gold that day I could not wait to go again.Buffalo Brook is located in Plymouth State Park near Tyson Vermont.There was a gold mine there during the 1880s.There is still gold to be found there today.As one author said you have to be" deaf,dumb and blind" if you can not find gold in Buffalo Brook.Since I met 2 out of three of those categories I figure this is a good place for me to pan for gold.

This was my third time at gold panning.I had gone panning twice in 2011 and actually found gold on both occasions.The gold is small flecks about the size of sand.Not going to get rich panning in Vermont but it is fun and I enjoy the outdoor activity and the excitement of finding gold.And you never know who you are going to meet.

I arrived early morning and there was little snow on the ground.I parked my jeep there at the gate of the park.The park is closed in the winter but day use is allowed during the winter season.I walked up the trail which follows the brook up the mountain.I went past the area I had visited in December and continued up the mountain.At about a quarter mile in I found the trail crossed the brook.At this point I could see I was not going any further up trail so I looked for a likely spot to start panning.The brook was moving slow here and there were several areas that looked like they may have pay dirt so I started digging in the dirt right behind a large boulder along the bank.The water was cold but the temperature was above freezing so that was good.I dug out about two gallons of dirt and started two sort through it.First I picked out all of the large stones in the bucket.Then I use a sieve to sort out all of the pebbles.This left me with only the sand and hopefully some gold.I put enough of the sand to fill my pan about half way then submerged it in the brook to pan out the sand.The gold is heavy and the sand is light so if you swirl the water through the pan the dirt flows out and the gold stays in the bottom.It takes time and I spent about two hours there and found no gold.So I decide to go else where.I worked my way down the trail keeping a close eye on the brook and checking for likely panning spots,hoping I would chose better this time.I soon spotted a deep pool with large boulders and a sudden drop off.This looked good to me so I started digging behind those large rocks along the bank of the brook.I was going to go about it differently this time.I just put two or three scoop fulls in my pan and started panning right away.I figured this way I would find out quick if there was any gold here?Nothing in the first pan.So I dug down a little deeper and tried again.This time a saw some gold.Two small flecks.So I just started digging and filled the bucket right up.I panned out about ten pieces of gold.Nothing bigger then the head of a pin but gold is gold.It was a nice day.I found gold.I can still see,one out of three ain't so bad!

Gold in the Pan

Gold in the pan from Buffalo Brook.
Gold in the pan from Buffalo Brook.

Sign at Plymouth State Park

Gold mine in Vermont
Gold mine in Vermont

Gold panning in Vermont

Large boulders in the Brook

Large boulders will slow the water flow and gold will settle out behind them.
Large boulders will slow the water flow and gold will settle out behind them.

Plymouth State Park Vermont


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Yellow in the pan is always a joy.And of course the bigger the better!Vermont gold has been ground to a powder for the most part with a few nuggets now and again.

      Glad you enjoyed the hub.


    • john000 profile image

      John R Wilsdon 

      4 years ago from Superior, Arizona

      Aren't those flecks of gold beautiful! When I pan in Arizona I like to pan down to just black sand. Then I gently swish the water back and forth to move just a tad bit of black sand. Pretty soon that shiny yellow will show on that dark black background! I love to do that with my back to the sun and it shining over my right shoulder. The stuff really lights up! Good hub. Thank you.

    • glowingrocks profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from New York

      You are welcome point2make.Go for it,it is easy to do.You Tube has some good video lessons on how to pan,and it is very easy.

    • point2make profile image


      6 years ago

      I have used the detector looking for gold but I have never tried panning. You make it sound interesting. I'll give it a try....thanks. good hub!


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